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Grow sustainably while protecting your profit.

Businesses face a number of challenges on their path to circularity, including rising costs and energy security concerns. For them to grow sustainably, they need greater visibility and independence across their own business models.

While acknowledging the significance of sustainability, protecting profit margins remains a core priority. However, it’s crucial to understand that the two can exist together. If a business strives to become leaner in its operations, it’ll naturally focus on the better use of all its resources.

Supporting a circular economy

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Consider sustainability when buying devices

Opting for energy-efficient devices and those with eco-friendly certifications can help to reduce your carbon footprint, conserve resources and minimise waste.

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Renew devices less frequently

Minimise electronic waste by extending the useful life of your devices. Reducing device turnover also saves costs by avoiding frequent purchases and upgrades.

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Rethink your approach to old devices

Our Everyone.Connected initiative makes it easy to play your part in reducing digital exclusion. Donate unwanted devices to the Great British Tech Appeal, and they’ll be recycled or passed on to those in need.

How we can help

We’re working to build a circular model that allows customers to choose the right devices to meet their sustainability agenda and recycle devices at the end of their useful life.

Our strategy is to cut CO2 emissions and electronic waste – and ultimately help our customers do the same.

Device Lifecycle Management

Maintain smooth business operations with end-to-end device management and deployment tailored specifically for businesses with 250+ devices. Enable your personnel to connect securely from anywhere, while managing their devices in a way that’s simple and sustainable.

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Great British Tech Appeal

Our Great British Tech Appeal collects used phones and tablets for free. We then re-box, add six months free connectivity and either donate them or recycle them. By donating your unwanted devices, you’ll not only support a circular economy – you’ll also help people in need to cross the digital divide.

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Fairphone 4

The Fairphone 4 is a durable Android smartphone that’s made from recycled materials – and based on a modular design that allows for different elements such as the battery and camera to be replaced easily. This extends the life of the device and helps minimises its environmental footprint as a result.

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Eco Rating

We’ve launched our Eco Rating initiative to provide consistent, accurate information on the environmental impact of producing, transporting, using and disposing of smartphones and feature phones. Its aim is to inspire the industry to accelerate its transition towards a more circular model for mobile phones.

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