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Welcome to The Hub

The Hub is a dedicated space for innovators and innovation inspiration. Designed for our Vodafone Techstarter community of inventors and social warriors, here you’ll find support for your passion for technology and your drive to make the world a better place. 

To help you as you grow your start-up and develop your innovation, we’ll gather the latest news in tech to keep you in the know and ahead of the game. Dive into the articles featured below to read all about the technology that’s set to change how we solve issues in health, education, the environment and social mobility.

We hope you’ll take inspiration from these stories and innovation projects, such as those from the Vodafone Foundation (UK registered charity 108962). Using mobile technology to improve health, education and disaster relief efforts, their work is proof that technology has the power to make a difference around the world. 


The winners of the Vodafone Techstarter Award

The Vodafone Techstarter programme was launched in September 2018 with a clear mission – to find and support some of the most inspiring UK social innovators.  Over 250 UK ventures entered to win, and since then, we’ve watched our Techstarters move from entrant to the Top 50, and finally, to the shortlist of 12 finalists.

On 7 February 2019, we were proud to announce the winners at an awards ceremony in London, UK. Our eight for-profit and not-for profit winners received a prize fund and the opportunity to pitch to potential investors, policymakers, entrepreneurs and technologists.  

Learn more about the winners of the Vodafone Techstarter Award and how they’re using technology to build a better world.

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