WiFi Calling

Stay in touch with WiFi calling even if there's poor mobile network coverage.

Call and text using a WiFi connection

With WiFi calling it’s easy to place and receive calls or text messages (SMS) in any location covered by WiFi, even when mobile signal is missing. Simply connect your phone to a WiFi network and you’re all set.

Easy to set up and use

It’s a simple setup – no app to download, no updates to check for - WiFi Calling connects automatically.

More access

Connect anywhere, even from places where phone signal could never reach.

No extra cost

There’s no extra charge for using WiFi calling. All calls and texts are rated as per your price plan.

WiFi Calling is suitable for various types of businesses

Home workers

Employees who spend their time working from home, where they have poor network coverage at their home location but a good WiFi connection.

Field-based workers

Field-based employees who travel frequently within the UK, including locations with inadequate mobile coverage, but where WiFi is available, such as hotels.

Small offices

Smaller branch offices with up to 10 people which has WiFi access but no mobile coverage.

*WiFi calling is suitable for offices with up to 10 users on a site, for the best recommended experience.

How to get WiFi calling / SMS over WiFi

To use WiFi calling and SMS over WiFi you need a compatible device and price plan.
Compatible price plans with both features:

Red plans:

Business plans:

Public Sector

One Net


Business Evolve

All our latest Public Sector price plans

(with data allowance included).

One Net Business

Red Extra

Business Value

One Net Enterprise

Red Entertainment

Business Extra

One Net Express plans

Red Value Bundle

Business Premier

Red Sharer

Business Black

Business Plans 36

Business Black Global

Vodafone Basic

Business Plus

Business Freedom (no-VPN version)

Business Advance and Unlimited

Business Optimiser

Please note: One Net will not support SMS over WiFi yet, planned to follow soon.

Compatible devices


  1. Check if your phone supports WiFi Calling

  2. Check your price plan is compatible with WiFi calling

  3. Check your phone is using the latest software update

  4. Turn on WiFi calling on your phone’s Settings

  5. Connect to a WiFi network

If you can’t find the WiFi Calling in your Settings, please contact Vodafone to make sure the service is enabled for you and your employees.

You don’t need to do anything to get access to SMS over WiFi. If you have already WiFi Calling, SMS will work provided you have one of the compatible devices. Please check here.

All the listed devices will support the WiFi calling service when purchased directly from Vodafone. Please note that phones purchased from other UK telecom providers are unlikely to support Vodafone WiFi Calling (with the exception of iPhones, which should work regardless).
While most devices listed here will be compatible when bought from 3rd party retailers/resellers/distributors, we cannot guarantee that this will be the case. Some older devices may not be compatible, and we are working with manufacturers to deliver WiFi Calling wherever possible.

The following price plans are not eligible for WiFi Calling/SMS over WiFi: Voice only plans, VONE_C plans, Business Freedom, Business Sharer, Vodafone Volume Tariff, Mobile Exchange, Mobile Broadband Caller, Legacy Sharer Plans such as Share time, Group Saver, Business Choice, Total Business, Business and any other legacy Business Plans that include VPN.
*please note OneNet plans are not yet compatible with SMS over WiFi.

Unfortunately both WiFi calling and SMS over WiFi are not available in roaming.

WiFi calling will work to dial the emergency number, but the emergency services will not be able to identify your location automatically

We can offer only general guidance on the suitability and use of WiFi calling, as the performance of the service is dependent on your WiFi network and internet connection.

Yes, we are retiring Sure Signal and WiFi calling is the recommended alternative. Please visit the Sure Signal page for all the details.

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