Business Evolve — the mobile plan as adaptable as your business needs to be

We know how important it is for you to be there for your customers, especially in uncertain times

Business Evolve is a flexible approach to buying mobile that allows you to keep your options open and have peace of mind. Choose what’s best for your business right now and stay in control of what you spend, and with one contract and one mobile bill.

Keep your options open

Choose what’s best for now – and easily add new options when you need them

Choose how you use data

Select from individual data bundles or share a data pool across your business.

Choose how you buy devices

Bundle devices into your contract or set-up a tech fund to dip into whenever you need a new device.

Choose your international options

Select from our cost-effective roaming and international options, so your plan is ready for wherever your business takes you.

Choose your contract period

Select from 12-month, 24-month and 36-month tenure options to suit you.

Worry-free communication

Stay connected and online, even if you exceed your data allowance

  • Never run out of data in the UK and Europe with Data + - if you exceed your allowance, stay online with speeds of up to 2Mbps

  • Be there for your customers with unlimited minutes, text and picture messages in the UK

  • Stress-free international calling on our 24- and 36-month plans, with our 100 & 200 international minutes to an unrivalled number of destinations*

  • Travel abroad at ease with roaming in over 50 different destinations

Know we’re there for you

Communicate with confidence knowing you’ve got the backing of our network powered by 100% renewable electricity:

  • Stay in control of your spending on data with cost capping and usage notifications

  • With one contract and one mobile bill, you can stay focused on what matters most to your business

  • With our best ever network, your plan can keep pace with your business

  • 5G Ultra, our next level 5G experience, is available free of charge with Business Evolve Premium voice and data plans. Enjoy greater coverage and improved phone battery life, as well as amazingly fast 5G speeds on our upgraded 5G network.

eSIM for business customers

New eSIM technology—embedded in smartphones and tablets—is now available to Vodafone business customers. Most flagship devices are now dual SIM, having both an eSIM and a physical SIM, with increasingly more devices adopting it due to its convenience.

5G Ultra for business customers

5G Ultra is our next level 5G experience. Enjoy greater coverage and improved phone battery life, as well as amazingly fast 5G speeds on our upgraded 5G network.

Why Vodafone

Reliability and network strength

We are investing in our network right across the UK to provide increased 4G coverage, indoors and out.

5G Connectivity

100 live 5G locations in the UK and 193 locations across Europe. That’s more than any other network.**

Choose your internationaloptions

Stay in touch when your business takes you abroad, with our worry-free roaming to over 50 destinations.

Superior customer service and support

Efficient and responsive as your single service provider with over 30 years of communications expertise.

*: Vodafone offers more destinations outside of UK compared to O2 and EE inclusive International Calling Minutes on Single User Business Plans. Source: Competitor websites, destination comparison correct as of 18.02.2021


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