Vodafone Business Optimiser 2.0

A self-optimising, flexible plan as unique as your business

Always on the best plan with Business Optimiser 2.0

Wherever your business may take you, we’ve got you covered. Vodafone Business Optimiser 2.0 gives you complete control by ensuring you only pay for what you use.

You’ll start each month on a plan tailored to your needs, with the data allowance set to zero. As you and your team use data throughout the month, we’ll automatically move you up to the next, most cost-effective plan.

Business Optimiser 2.0 aligns with each employee’s individual data usage - from 0Mb right through to unlimited data, with a decreasing price per GB. The more you use, the better the price. You can stay in control of your employees' data usage by applying caps at any step in the ladder.

Why Vodafone Business Optimiser 2.0 

Vodafone Business Optimiser 2.0 includes valuable benefits as standard, helping you to keep your business communicating smoothly. 

Unlimited UK calls and texts as standard in all plans 

Inclusive roaming in 47 European destinations, plus a bundle for international calls and texts  

Use your UK allowance in over 150 destinations for a small daily fee  

5G, Wi-Fi and 4G calling on our award-winning network 

Choose the right plan for your business

Our flexible approach means you can tailor your mobile account by picking any combination of plans that best suit the business and your employees.  

Business Optimiser 2.0 Essentials

Great for employees with occasional travel needs. Unlimited UK calls and texts plus free of charge roaming in Iceland, Isle of Man, Norway and Republic of Ireland.

Data only plans are also available.

Business Optimiser 2.0 Pro

For those with international mobility needs. All the benefits of Essentials plans, plus free of charge roaming in the European Union, Channel Islands, Iceland, Isle of Man, Monaco, Norway and San Marino. A bundle for international calls and texts from the UK is also included.

Data only plans are also available.

Business Traveller

When roaming in a destination not included in your Business Optimiser 2.0 plan, you can use your UK allowances for a small daily fee with Business Traveller. Over 150 worldwide destinations are available, more than with any other UK provider.

Easy to manage, with no nasty surprises in your bill

With Business Optimiser 2.0, easily set limits on what you and your employees use, so you can avoid going out of budget. Opt in for email and text message notifications for regular usage updates to keep track of your spending.

Conveniently manage your business account with Vodafone Corporate Online 

Vodafone Corporate Online (VCO) is the quickest way to manage your Vodafone Business Optimiser 2.0 account.
Use the online self-service platform to order new devices and accessories, manage SIMs and connections, track orders and much more.

Quick and simple

Manage your account simply and effectively from any web browser 

Take full control

Get 24/7 access to bill data, suspend or block users instantly and see a full audit history

Everything in one place

Control billing and manage your connections, make bulk orders and changes 

Why choose Vodafone Corporate Online?

Combine VCO with Vodafone’s Business Integrated mobile plan.

Trusted service

83% of Vodafone’s large corporate business customers use VCO

Built for business

We’re the highest rated digital business service with a Transactional NPS of +60

Expert advice

Our dedicated live chat support team is ready to advise your business, anytime

eSIM for business customers

New eSIM technology—embedded in smartphones and tablets—is now available to Vodafone business customers. Most flagship devices are now dual SIM, having both an eSIM and a physical SIM, with increasingly more devices adopting it due to its convenience.

All you need to create your complete business mobile plan

Why Vodafone Business

Best Network for Busines

We’ve been recognised as the Best Network for Business at the Mobile News Awards 2023.*

5G Connectivity

Vodafone 5G gives you faster speeds, lower latency and a more reliable connection, with 124 live 5G locations in the UK and 240 locations across Europe.

Expert business partner

We already work with 550,000 business customers across the UK, providing over 3.8 million connections to businesses of all sizes.

*Best Network for Business
Vodafone Business won the Best Network for Business at the Mobile News Awards 2023. The award was based on range of criteria including innovation, flexibility and benefits. Vodafone and Three Business were the award finalists. Visit Mobile News Awards’ website for more details.  Criteria:

  • Solutions and products offered

  • Benefits offered to professional users and organisations

  • Product unique features and business challenges solved

  • Cost benefits offered

  • Improvements to business customer’s productivity and commercial performance

  • Evidence of reliable network connectivity, security and control

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