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Tim Henman and young lady at Wimbledon

Smart Hubs smash it on the move

Learn how Vodafone Smart Hubs served up a memorable journey for one young tennis player

  • Vodafone Smart Hubs turn vehicles into WiFi hotspots
  • A roof mounted antenna can increase signal up to a 100 metre radius
  • Vodafone and Jaguar combined to give the young player a never to be forgotten trip to Wimbledon

To show the power of our IoT connectivity, Vodafone gave a young tennis player, Frankie, a VIP trip to Wimbledon in the All-Electric Jaguar I-PACE.

Vodafone, Wimbledon’s Official Connectivity Partner, and Jaguar, the Official Car of The Championships, use Vodafone Smart Hubs in the event’s vehicle fleet to provide a superior in-car connectivity experience.

The Power of Connection | Vodafone Business UK

The fleet, which includes the All-Electric Jaguar I-PACE, transports dignitaries and players around Wimbledon and connects to WiFi via a Smart Hub powered by Vodafone’s reliable award-winning network*. This gives VIPs fast and reliable industry-grade WiFi connectivity on the move regardless of what network they’re with.

180 Vodafone Smart Hubs are installed in the Official Cars of The Championships, so tennis pros can also make the most of staying connected.

During Frankie’s VIP car journey to The Championships, she received a surprise video call from Tim Henman, Vodafone’s Wimbledon Ambassador, using the Smart Hub technology. Frankie then arrived to find Tim waiting for her in person, getting a VIP tour around the All England Club.

The Vodafone Smart Hub turns a vehicle into a WiFi hotspot, powered from the ignition or optional battery unit, and a roof-mounted antenna boosts the WiFi signal up to a 100-metre radius.

Customers can gain real-time GPS location and analytics, while passengers can send, receive, and access critical information on the go with data allowances of up to 1 terabyte – enough to browse the web for more than 20,000 hours or watch 300 hours of high-definition video.

Smart Hubs are typically used in construction, maintenance and utilities where employees are often in remote locations where they need to stream or download large files.

*Reliable, award-winning network. The UK relies on Vodafone as a network provider as it: 1) powers critical national infrastructure and 77% of emergency services; 2) has coverage in 99% of UK homes; 3) covers 96% of the UK; 4) has won numerous awards.

See full details and awards on our Network page

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