Vodafone helps Bravura Solutions stay flexible and secure as they grow


  • Bravura Solutions provides software solutions for the wealth management, life insurance, and funds administration industries.

  • Bravura needed the right hosting and connectivity partner to help their business develop while keeping customer data secure.

  • With Vodafone Cloud and Hosting, Bravura knows its clients’ data is safe, freeing up IT staff to focus on pioneering new services.

Meet Bravura Solutions

Bravura Solutions is a leading provider of software solutions for the wealth management, life insurance and funds administration industries. Bravura clients include financial services giants like Legal & General, Perpetual and Fidelity.

Clients use Bravura’s suite of intelligent products – including their flagship product Sonata – to administer their customers’ pensions, workplace savings, life insurance, superannuation funds, investments and funds administration services.

It’s hard to reach the level of success that Bravura Solutions has achieved without being smart. In fact, handling £1.4 trillion in assets safely and efficiently makes smart a necessity. 

The challenge

Bravura adopted a bold growth strategy. More territories, more products and more capabilities. They also adopted a clear customer proposition to deliver intelligent, ultra-secure, agile solutions for global financial businesses.

To support this strategy, they needed a hosting and connectivity partner with the drive and experience to help their business develop. That’s when they met with Vodafone Cloud and Hosting.

The solution

Vodafone was the only provider with the total package of services to match Bravura’s needs, including managed primary and backup hosting, fixed connectivity and security.

Vodafone Cloud and Hosting’s managed hosting offering gives Bravura the flexibility to scale its IT capacity up or down and call upon temporary resources on an as-needed basis. Smart infrastructure and secure global connectivity help ramp up the pace of business by allowing everyone to work more efficiently.

“Vodafone’s drive to understand us makes every conversation quicker, more productive and more creative.”

With £1.4 trillion of other people’s money to take care of, security and data sovereignty are high on the agenda for Bravura.

“Clients rely on us to provide a secure service in a highly regulated market,” says Bravura CIO, Terry McCann. “It’s very important to know that the technology partners we work with can tick the security and resilience boxes. We needed a partner with global reach, large infrastructure and brand heritage. Vodafone Cloud and Hosting brought all of those to the table.”

The results

Vodafone maintains a daily operational presence within Bravura, providing onsite support and account management. That commitment allows Bravura to make its own unparalleled Service Level Agreements and present a seamless customer and employee experience.

The more Bravura develops its relationship with the Vodafone Cloud and Hosting team, the more opportunities emerge. Vodafone’s infrastructure has provided a solid bedrock to underpin Bravura’s innovative business model, freeing up IT staff to focus on adding deep functionality to existing software and pioneering new services.

With Vodafone, Bravura knows its clients’ business-critical data is in safe hands, protected in a managed hosting solution and delivering continuous connectivity.

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