Direct Internet Access in action

See how Vodafone's DIA is powering Swansea's Copr Bay

Swansea city centre is a major urban transformation project as part of the Welsh digital infrastructure programme, with over £1 billion being invested across the city. With footfall in the thousands, local authorities wanted to keep the public and local businesses hyper connected in the new district.

Recognising the importance of digital connectivity for residents and visitors to the city, Swansea Council partnered with us to make the next generation of DIA available publicly.

The partnership between Vodafone and Swansea Council as of October 2021 is enabling fast and reliable connectivity, allowing thousands of people uncontended access to the internet simultaneously.

“With speeds of 800Mbps, it is thought to be the fastest public-sector provisioned connectivity network, with a reach to thousands of devices daily.”

The outcome?

Not only does Vodafone DIA enable thousands of devices to stream, upload and download content, but the bandwidth in the area is also supporting businesses to embrace new ways of working, driving local economies and attracting business to the area.

What does that mean for Health?

We're experienced when it comes to keeping you connected, from the coast of Wales to healthcare settings of all shapes and sizes. DIA delivers a connection you can count on, reliable, flexible bandwidth that’s cost effective and ultra-fast, offering a worry-free solution to power your care setting.

When Trusts need to go beyond what standard broadband can offer, Vodafone DIA has the connectivity to move in the fast lane.

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