Vodafone provides ID2 Media with connected communications

Vodafone One Net Business helps a global video production company remain contactable any time, any place

  • ID2 Media are a video production company that work with clients around the world

  • Production takes ID2 Media across the globe, so they need to be contactable anywhere and anytime

  • Vodafone’s One Net Business offers connected communications, seamlessly linking mobiles and fixed lines, so no opportunity is missed

Meet ID2 Media

ID2 Media is a full-service video production company that brings stories to life, from social media videos to corporate communications. From its base in the northwest of England, the team works with some of the biggest brands in the world, travelling to sites across the globe, where they need to remain contactable


Staying in touch is crucial as this production company spends most of its time away from the office. The nature of their business is unpredictable, and ID2 Media needed to be able to respond to all opportunities, wherever the team may be, and to be ready for any and all challenges.  

“Whether we’re out in the field or on location, people need to contact us. We need to be able to respond to opportunities twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It’s important that we’re always ready to face challenges.”


ID2’s success is built on its strong reputation, which is linked to positive client relations. To maintain this, people need to contact them whenever needed, so the company wanted to introduce a reliable phone system that gave staff the flexibility the job demanded. That’s where Vodafone came in.

ID2 Media worked with us to implement One Net Business, our cloud-based phone system that seamlessly connects fixed lines and mobile phones.


A key benefit of our One Net Business system is the freedom it gives ID2 Media’s staff to focus on their jobs, resting assured that calls and correspondence are managed properly. They are now always contactable and able to put customers first. Additionally, staff no longer need to worry about using their phones abroad, as they have a clearer idea of costs, thanks to a fixed tariff designed to enable frequent travel.

“The great thing about One Net Business is, let’s say one of the producers or myself are tied up, we can have hunt groups within the office, so if there is an enquiry, we can rest easy that the call will be diverted and taken by somebody at the office.”
Mark Poole
Managing Director, ID2 Media

Now there are no missed calls, meaning no missed opportunities, and the team is constantly connected, wherever they may be across the globe. All thanks to One Net Business from Vodafone.  

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