Life’s Kitchen keeps on top of business opportunities with Vodafone Business Broadband 


  • Life’s Kitchen is a London-based event management and catering services company. 

  • They were looking for a business solution that would give them flexibility to work from anywhere while staying connected with their customers and each other. 

  • Staff at Life’s Kitchen can always be online with Vodafone Business Broadband, whether in the office, at a venue, or on the road.  

Meet Life’s Kitchen 

Life’s Kitchen provides venue management, event management, and catering services at some of the most prestigious venues in London and the south of England. With an experienced and dedicated team, the company prides itself on serving beautiful food in unique surroundings. Founders Nick Levens and Dave Pay wanted to set up a business that offered something unique in the catering and hospitality sector.  

The challenge  

Fast-paced world of hospitality 

In the fast-paced world of hospitality, ensuring that every member of staff is connected and can communicate effectively is vital. “We can have six or seven venues running simultaneously, so we need to be ready for any challenges as they occur,” says Nick Levens, Managing Director at Life’s Kitchen. 

Relying on standard means of communication wasn’t good enough for the company, especially given the remote locations and demanding schedules teams worked. Staff needed to be able to communicate across sites, especially during busy periods. They wanted to introduce a better way to deal with customer queries and reduce missed calls. The most important challenge was having reliable access to the internet when on the go or at various locations.  

“Without Vodafone’s mobile devices and broadband services, our business would be much harder to run. It has absolutely made us more business ready.”

The solution 

Superfast and reliable broadband services 

With Vodafone Business Broadband, Life’s Kitchen employees can stay connected, whether in or out of the office, or on the road. The ultra smart router gives them a stronger and more reliable signal in the office. The Mobile Wi-Fi device allows them to connect to the internet when out of the office, with the option of connecting up to 5 devices. With the Smart Divert feature they can divert landline calls to their mobile phones, reducing missed calls when on the road. 

The benefits 

Greater peace of mind, better communication 

A huge part of Life’s Kitchen’s success is down to making sure food orders are delivered and customer requirements are met.  

Vodafone Business Broadband brings greater peace of mind for staff as they can access everything online, as well as record and fulfil any last-minute customer changes quickly and easily. 

With secure access to the internet, they are available when out of the office, or even in remote locations.  

They can achieve better communication between staff and customers through the ability to divert landline calls to mobile. Customers are getting through to the right people and queries are being answered straight away. 

Vodafone Business Broadband’s ultra-smart router gives Life’s Kitchen a stronger and more reliable signal when in the office.

The Mobile Wi-Fi device allows them to connect to the internet when out of the office.

The Smart Divert feature enables Life’s Kitchen staff to divert landline calls to a mobile phone, reducing missed calls when on the road.

Focus on food excellence  

 Vodafone Business Broadband enables Life’s Kitchen to focus on what really matters to them - providing tasty food in great locations. It has dramatically changed their ways of working and improved the general management of their business.  

 They have introduced a more reliable way for staff to communicate across sites and reduced missed calls from customers. They have also improved logistics by providing more reliable access to the internet, even when on the move and at various locations. 

 “Vodafone Business Broadband is a good, personal service. We’re always out and about, and with Vodafone we’re now always in touch and able to get online,” says Dave Pay, Director of Food at Life’s Kitchen. 

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