Microsoft 365 and Azure for business

Succeed in the cloud with expert advice from Vodafone Business and Centrality, a UK Top 5 Microsoft Solutions Partner.

Get more digital value from your cloud for business

Make all the right moves with Microsoft 365 and Azure – you’ll have everything covered with Vodafone’s cloud solutions. 

Cost efficient

Cost-effective sourcing ensures you get great value from the word go. 

Managed services

Access to professional and managed services helps you succeed. 

Expert advice

Expert advice helps you find the right solutions for your business first time.

Why Vodafone Business

Optimise your existing resources

Get an expert review of your existing licencing and subscriptions. Get more value from what you’re already paying for.

Everything you need in one place

Connect directly to the cloud with a partner that can provide migration and in-life services, including managed and enhanced support. 

Full control with Vodafone Marketplace

View, manage and add new Microsoft 365 licences and other app subscriptions on our easy-to-use account management platform.

Customer Story

Transform your business with collaboration

Discover how Vodafone and Centrality worked together to deliver boundless collaboration opportunities to a luxury carpet manufacturer, simply by improving the tools they were using. 

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