Dedicated Multi-Access Edge Computing for business

Transform your operations by using Vodafone’s 5G and Mobile Private Network (MPN) connectivity.

Achieve real-time data processing at the network’s edge

See what Dedicated MEC brings to your business

Dedicated MEC allows real-time processing at the edge. This is useful for applications that need ultra-low latency, such as mixed reality, video analytics and autonomous vehicles. Dedicated MEC is deployed at a customer’s site - dedicated to one business, providing regulatory compliance and unparalleled onsite security.

Edge computing processes data close to the point of origin or consumption. Add smart features to your equipment that sits within operations and use automation powered by artificial intelligence at those end points. Early adoption includes manufacturers implementing MEC in their plants as part of their industry 4.0 plans.

Global strategic partnerships to deliver better solutions

Partnered with Microsoft Azure and Kyndryl, we’re committed to finding the best solution for your business.

With our partners, we’ll help you to:

Integrate MEC into your existing systems

Reduce complexity by managing the solution end to end

Provide the flexibility required to enable a multicloud strategy

Join the Vodafone Business Edge Innovation Programme

See how MEC can benefit your business firsthand, with demo opportunities, expert support and solution testing before buying.

Bringing the incredible to life

Using Dedicated Edge Computing

IMR benefits from the flexibility and cost-efficiency of 5G wireless technology.

Pilot lines are no longer tied to locations that depend on wired connectivity to carry out demos and optimise production processes.

IMR’s shop floor assets are connected to provide real-time monitoring and insights. This prevents failures and reduces unplanned downtime.

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Choose a trusted partner that combines leading connectivity, security and multi-cloud services, all in one place. 

Leading connectivity

Over £1bn invested in our UK network. Recognised as a ‘leader’ in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Services for the last three years, working with 70% of the Fortune 500. 

Mitigating risk, maximising value 

Mitigate risk with our end-to-end data security from device to cloud, all without your data ever leaving our network.

Leading 5G+ edge computing

Get dedicated edge with Mobile Private Network and distributed edge with 4G/5G. 

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