Public Services Network (PSN) Connect Services

Efficient, high-quality, and secure communications for public service organisations from Vodafone Business. 

 Secure your organisation with a reliable and cost-effective network service

Our Public Services Network (PSN) Connect solutions are Direct Network Service Provider (DSNP) services. They give your organisation access to the pan-government PSN Assured and Protected domains.

You can share data within these domains and use Cloud services, such as our Cloud-based fixed and mobile voice service One Net Enterprise, and Cloud compute service Flex Compute for Government (FCfG).

Additionally, you can also establish encrypted and non-encrypted PSN-Compliant, private Wide Area Networks that meet UK Government requirements for transmission of data classified at official and official-sensitive between your sites, providing a cost-effective network service.

We're PSN Compliant and our PSN Connect services provide secure and reliable pan-government communication in a way standard internet connectivity can not achieve. Non-government organisations can also use our PSN Connect services to deliver cloud services direct to the UK Public Sector.


Reliable and flexible 

Connectivity you can rely on, with a selection of access and diversity configurations to meet your business needs and budget. 

Efficient use of resources 

Flexible and economic use of capacity, supporting Encryption and non-Encryption services over the same bearer. 


All components of our UK-only operating model are maintained by security-cleared staff. 


Complement your network service with direct access to Vodafone’s Cloud Voice and Secure Compute services. 

Flexible purchase options 

Purchase through Network Services Framework (NSF RM1045) or through Vodafone standard terms. 

Flexible capacity 

Pay only for the capacity you need with our throttle options – allowing you to quickly expand up to the full access circuit line rate when needed. 

With Vodafone Business, you get:  

Increased reliability 

Enhanced availability through cost-effective broadband backup or fully separate fibre resilience. 

Prioritised traffic 

Prioritise your most critical applications using our six Class of Service levels. 

Self-managed services 

Take greater control with our ‘wires-only’ service option (not applicable for Vodafone-provided Encryption services). 

Performance Reporting 

Identify trends in your network by taking our network reporting service. 

How our tailored support model works

Our Tiered Support Services Model (TSSM) gives you control over the way we deliver your services. Our Foundation-level support included as standard, with the opportunity to upgrade to Enhanced or Premium if you want to. Choose a customisable service model that works for your business.

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