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Protect your valuable resources
and digital estates

Vodafone Cyber Enhanced

Protect your service and your data with Cyber Enhanced, a high-performance security solution that enables you to comprehensively monitor, react to and prevent cyber threats.

Cyber Enhanced Portfolio

Enhanced Monitoring

Protective Monitoring

Continuous surveillance, analysis, alerting and reporting that enables security incident detection across your entire IT estate.

Managed Firewall

Managed Firewall

Managing, monitoring and supporting your firewalls to ensure optimal strength and resilience.

Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

Create bespoke solutions depending on the level of support, customisation, and ongoing resource you might need.

Cyber Enhanced in action

We’re already successfully supporting cyber security teams in the following organisations:

City Council and Government Education Agency

Our DNS has identified malware activity on customer networks.


We provide and report upon a managed firewall at virtually every police force in the UK.

Cabinet Office

Providing pan-government protective monitoring, ensuring effective and uninterrupted communication.


What is Cyber Enhanced?

What is included as part of this service?

How will I integrate this with my current cyber security functionality and team?

Is it easy to implement Cyber Enhanced?

Can you give any examples of organisations who are already using Cyber Enhanced?

Why Vodafone for Cyber Enhanced

Dedicated support

We have specialist teams in secure locations providing customers in more than 80 countries with assistance, including on-shore support.

Complete solution

Our experts offer solution consultancy and design, implementation and provide critical security upgrades.

Experienced team

Our team has the requisite security clearance and experience to deliver reassurance and protection for high-profile estates and critical infrastructure.

Leading network

We have extensive knowledge as a top 3 network in the UK and top 10 globally.

Talk to an expert

Give us a call, or speak to your account manager, to find out more information about Vodafone Business Security Enhanced and our portfolio

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