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Protect your valuable resources
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Vodafone Cyber Enhanced

Our cyber solutions enable you to increase visibility across your entire network and infrastructure - creating secure environments for your data and platforms.

Assess your potential weak points, identify issues and establish preventative protection measures.

Introducing Vodafone Business Cyber Enhanced

Cyber Enhanced Portfolio

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Cyber Security Review

Assess your people, processes and technology to determine where your cyber security stands and how to overcome cyber risks.

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Full Spectrum Testing

Launch simulated attacks to challenge cyber security processes and identify areas of cyber vulnerability within your organisation.

Managed Firewall

Managed Firewalls

Managing, monitoring and supporting your firewalls to ensure optimal strength and resilience.

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Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Identify points of weakness in your systems and help reduce the attack surface, enabling you to focus your security efforts on areas that are most likely to be targeted.

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Managed SOC & SIEM

Continuous surveillance, analysis, alerting and reporting that enables security incident detection across your entire IT estate, including mobile and email.

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Retained Incident Response

Gain round-the-clock expertise and specialist guidance with incident response testing and support to help you reduce the likelihood and impact of security breaches.

Cyber Enhanced in action

We’re already successfully supporting cyber security teams in the following organisations:

City Council and Government Education Agency

Our DNS has identified malware activity on customer networks.


We provide and report upon a managed firewall at virtually every police force in the UK.

Cabinet Office

Providing pan-government protective monitoring, ensuring effective and uninterrupted communication.

Why Vodafone for Cyber Enhanced

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Dedicated support

We have specialist teams in secure locations providing customers in more than 80 countries with assistance, including onshore support.

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A complete solution

Our experts offer design and implementation support, providing critical security upgrades with accessible data and trend reports to identify issues.

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Experienced team

Our team has UK Sovereign Security Clearance and 25+ years of experience in delivering reassurance and protection for high-profile estates and critical national infrastructure.

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Leading network

As a top 3 UK network, and top 10 globally, our team have extensive knowledge that can help you build business cases and prove investment impact.

Talk to an expert

Give us a call, or speak to your account manager, to find out more information about Vodafone Business Security Enhanced and our portfolio

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