Vodafone Cyber Enhanced for business

We combine our years of network and connectivity experience and in-house cyber security expertise with the specialisms of our carefully chosen, industry-leading partners, so you can access the security you need.

Your go-to cyber security partner

We not only understand today's challenges, but we also prepare our clients for tomorrow using advanced security analytics, machine learning and other elements like Next-Generation managed firewalls. Our comprehensive suite of services enables advanced monitoring, increased network reach and secure fixed, mobile and IoT communications.

Exceptional, trusted team players

Long-lasting partnerships are built on strong foundations, refined and enhanced through nearly 30 years of industry experience. That’s why our customers have direct access to a UK-based, security-cleared team as their first point of contact. Continuous cyber and technology advancements, constant learning and development, and ex-military experts among our ranks make for an outstanding tailored solution.

Cyber Enhanced Portfolio

Cyber security review

Assess your people, processes and technology to determine your cyber security readiness and how to overcome cyber security risks.

Full spectrum testing

Launch simulated attacks to challenge cyber security processes and identify areas of cyber vulnerability in your organisation.

Managed firewalls

Manage, monitor and support your firewalls to ensure optimal strength and digital resilience.

Managed vulnerability scanning

Identify points of weakness in your systems, enabling you to focus on areas that are most likely to be targeted.

Cyber Enhanced in action

Discover how we’re successfully supporting cyber security teams in the following organisations:

City Council and Government Education Agency

Our Domain Name System identified malware activity on customer networks so further safeguarding could take place.


We provide and report upon a managed firewall for the vast majority of police forces in the UK – keeping extremely sensitive data secure.

Cabinet Office

We provide pan-government protective monitoring and ensure the effective and uninterrupted communication critical to the functioning of this branch of government.

Learn how Vodafone Business Enhanced Security supports organisations across a range of industries with a team dedicated to simplifying and strengthening their cyber security operations.

Food and produce retailer

Learn how VBSE provided a solution to help a critical national infrastructure retailer protect their supply chain, increase capacity and give resiliency to their operations.

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Local council

Learn how VBSE supported a local council by providing a tailored cyber security monitoring solution to help protect sensitive data and meet local authority audits.

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Energy sector retailer

Learn how VBSE helped a critical national infrastructure retailer to secure their legacy assets while migrating to the cloud and meet UK accreditation requirements.

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Why Vodafone for Cyber Enhanced

Dedicated support

We have specialist teams in secure locations – helping customers in over 80 countries stay secure with onshore support.

Complete solutions

Our experts support design and implementation of your services – providing critical security upgrades with data and reports on identified issues.

Experienced team

Our cyber security teams are certified, security-cleared professionals, and we have almost 30 years of experience protecting high-profile estates and critical national infrastructure in the UK.

Leading network

Our team has extensive knowledge - helping you build business cases and prove investment impact.

Vodafone Business are a corporate member of the UK Cyber Security Council

The UK Cyber Security Council is the self-regulatory body for the UK's cyber security profession supporting the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Strategy to make the UK the safest place to live and work online.

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