Vodafone IoT Enhanced for business

Highly secure IoT solutions customised to your needs from Vodafone Business.

Vodafone IoT Enhanced

Unlock the value of the Internet of Things (IoT) while mitigating the risk of cyberattacks on your devices. IoT Enhanced provides fully customisable, highly secure, end-to-end IoT solutions that enable your business to thrive in a new era without disruption or risk.

IoT Enhanced Portfolio

Asset tracking

Track critical assets worldwide by using data to optimise supply chain processes, reduce the risk of theft or loss and prove compliance.

Visual data collection

Get instant access to verifiable visual data, allowing you to keep an informed eye on your people, assets and data in real time.

Predictive maintenance

Identify, predict and resolve potential issues before they impact critical operations.

Smart Sites

Monitor everything, from your energy usage to occupancy levels, to get the data you need to run your business safely and securely, as well as make smart business decisions.

Smart Cities

View whatever you need, from environmental controls with temperature detectors to smart surveillance with CCTV.

Smart Vision

Get peace of mind that video feeds are of high quality, reliable transmission and are stored securely.

IoT Enhanced in action

Discover how we’re successfully supporting cyber security teams in the following organisations:

Armed forces

Asset tracking can accurately trace the location of armed vehicles and munitions across the globe.

Energy and utilities

Intelligent visual data can be used to detect and alert customers to trespassers at remote, critical sites.

Fire and rescue

Emergency responders can monitor the state of vital equipment and vehicles to ensure optimal performance.

Customer FAQs 

Why Vodafone for IoT Enhanced

Proven expertise

We’re experienced providers of IoT and cyber security services to Critical National Infrastructure customers.

End-to-end service

We deliver complete, end-to-end IoT solutions built to exacting cyber security standards, helping you turn data into real business value.

Approved for high security

Our team has the experience and cyber security training needed to deliver solutions in the most sensitive and secure environments.

On-shore support

All our enhanced solutions are managed and monitored by Vodafone UK’s on-shore security-cleared UK nationals.

Talk to our experts

Contact us or request a callback from one of our cyber security experts.