The capabilities of Internet of Things

IoT: The backbone of your business

Discover how Vodafone makes it easy for you to take advantage of the capabilities of the Internet of Things (IoT), so you can focus on what matters: running your business.

"IoT is all around us but many of us do not even realise it's there. It's not new technologies but we can now do more with it than ever before." - Gemma Barsby, Head of IoT sales, Vodafone Group

We spoke to Gemma Barsby, Head of IoT Sales, Vodafone Group to find out how IoT can help businesses grow.

What is IoT?

IoT is the ability to connect devices and manage them remotely. The data they provide can be used to improve efficiency, generate alerts, locate and track equipment and shipments and enable new connected services. But IoT isn't just about the connection – it’s about the ecosystem that can come together as IoT enables companies to automate, digitalise and compete in the global economy.However, the connection is the vital link in all IoT solutions and is as critical as the electricity that powers the device. So, when you choose a connectivity partner, it's important to make sure they're reliable, proven and capable of providing connectivity where you need it, when you need it, with the implementation and support services that allow you to rely on IoT for your business day in and day out. We make IoT simple, easy to deploy and integrate, intuitive to use and simple to manage. Giving you the confidence to connect.

The rise of IoT

While the benefits of connecting remote devices have been known for decades, IoT has really taken off as mobile networks provide ubiquitous coverage. Companies like Vodafone have built the platforms, processes and specialism required for the market. This has opened the way for companies in many verticals, of differing sizes, and in different countries to connect with confidence and digitalise their businesses around IoT.And it’s not just 4G and 5G that is being used, IoT now has its own dedicated cellular networks, which provide the opportunity for new applications and services for battery-powered and hard-to-reach devices. Vodafone has pioneered Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) technology to enable IoT devices to communicate even more reliably. Through this technology, devices can now connect deep underground or through thick walls in places where phone signals weren't previously able to travel.

IoT has never been so accessible

From global coverage to digital and online activation, IoT has come of age, and the benefits are available for every business, anywhere, large or small, irrespective of their use case – from just one connection to millions per month. IoT unlocks the benefits of digitalisation and transforms the way that we live and work by providing valuable insight into our environments and allowing businesses to operate more efficiently.

This powerful data insight that can be garnered from IoT, and the rapid advance in analytics is the game changer. From harnessing the power of data to create enhanced customer experiences, IoT has enabled organisations to drive their digital transformation, propel growth and provide valuable insight into our ever-changing environment.

Is IoT the answer to your business challenges?

If you're new to IoT, chances are you're wondering how it can help your business. The answer is simple: IoT makes monitoring and managing your operations easier than ever before. By connecting your operation, you can monitor everything from fleet monitoring to stock levels to air humidity, ensuring that every part of your business is always running optimally, and your goods and workers are secure.

IoT isn't just for big companies – it's matured. Now, every industry can benefit from integrating IoT into their business models and, as a result, discover new and improved ways of operating. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, it's never been easier to implement IoT. Vodafone offers a range of solutions that allow you to connect your devices with confidence.

Ready to become an IoT leader?

IoT is quickly becoming the backbone of business operations and helping to drive growth and transformation across a broad range of industries. It's a bold world, full of possibilities. A world where you can collect data from your customers and use it to develop products and services that are tailored to their needs. A world where you can save money on energy usage and carbon emissions by using smart buildings to optimise your energy consumption for things like heating, air conditioning and lighting. A world where you can unlock new potential in your assets to collect and transmit business information in real-time.

But most importantly, it's a world where we all have the power to change lives and businesses for the better.

When you choose Vodafone, you're choosing the connectivity provider that helps make IoT possible. We've got over 150 million IoT connections around the world, and we're a leader in providing seamless connectivity. That's why we were recognised as a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Managed IoT Connectivity Services, Worldwide – for the ninth time in a row.

It matters to us because we know it matters to you. With us, you can be confident that your IoT solution will be simple to deploy and integrate so that you can get back to innovating your business with ease. With Vodafone, you can connect with confidence and get your business on the fast track to a better tomorrow.

With Vodafone, you can connect with confidence and get your business on the fast track to a better tomorrow. It matters to us, because we know it matters to you.

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