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Deliver essential utility services with intelligent infrastructure 

Energy and utilities providers face unprecedented challenges thanks to prices for electric and gas spiralling, causing an increase in fuel poverty.

Water companies also face significant sustainability challenges, with sewage leaks polluting UK water ways.

The government have helped consumers and businesses, but some companies are still struggling to stay afloat.

We know these challenges. We work extensively with UK utility companies across water, electricity, and gas, harnessing our understanding of your business and regulatory goals.

We can offer a full range of converged technologies to support all levels of your business.

Tackling utilities challenges  

Cost of living crisis 

Consumers facing rising costs are desperate to understand how they can cut costs and manage their energy usage effectively. They increasingly need to engage with their suppliers and require an omni-channel experience that they’ve seen in other sectors. 

Beating the cost squeeze 

Energy and utility suppliers are looking for ways to transform their industry and reduce costs for customers. Digital transformation programmes can enable businesses to put customers at the heart of their decisions and work for positive change.  

Disrupting supply 

The rise of ‘prosumers’ – people who store and sell their own energy – is taking absolute distribution power away from providers. Energy companies though are generating more power from sustainable sources and moving to smaller generator hubs nearer the point of consumption. Smart distribution and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies make it easier to monitor the health of mission-critical networks and find and fix problems before they escalate.

Safer working, stronger business 

Legislation has helped make the utilities sector a safer place to work. Mobile and collaborative technology can help monitor and protect lone workers, as well as giving field engineers full sight over every job. IoT and smart devices give your organisation visibility over physical and virtual infrastructure, protecting your assets and providing the real-time information needed to get more value from their usable life. 

Becoming data-designed 

Many utility companies are moving towards business models based on the collection and analysis of data. This gives them insight into everything from demand management to customer preference, enabling smarter and faster decision-making based on facts rather than assumptions. This will enable businesses to identify those most at risk of falling into financial issues and help them put plans in place before they become significantly in debt. 

Vodafone storm® helps reduce repeat callers by 50% 

UK Power Networks is the nation’s biggest distribution network operator, delivering power to over 20 million people. They use Vodafone storm® to send automated SMS updates during an outage - leading to a 50% reduction in repeat callers. Plus, customers can now speak to an adviser live on web chat.  

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Why Vodafone Business for Utilities 

Best network for business 

Vodafone is uniquely placed to empower construction businesses with technology that enables everything and everyone in a business to be better connected. 

Construction is in our DNA 

We provide the networks, technology and solutions that help businesses gain a competitive advantage today and position themselves to take advantage of new opportunities tomorrow. 

Transition to net zero 

Construction companies are rethinking their operations model to include more circular practices and move towards low-carbon or carbon-neutral practices in their transition to net zero. At Vodafone, we have considerable experience in monitoring our own emissions and using technology to meet our net zero targets.  

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