4 ways to keep business energy usage under control

Help keep your business running this winter and outsmart rising costs with our simple tricks.

Scared to turn the heating on? Being conservative with your electricity usage? We’re all feeling the pinch when it comes to rising utility bills, especially when the temperature drops – and it’s not just our homes we need to think about. Businesses everywhere are searching for ways to reduce bills too.

Even though many countries are set to introduce up to 90% cuts on energy tariffs in 2023, you might be wondering if there are any quick fixes for the short-term.
Luckily, there are plenty of tips on-hand. So, if you’re looking for simple ways to keep a cap on your energy usage, then you’ve come to the right place.

Tip #1: Switch to energy efficient lighting tech and habits

Whether you run your business out of your garage or from a dedicated shop, lighting is likely a must-have.

However, making sure it’s as efficient as possible could help you to save money – and fast. From swapping traditional incandescent bulbs to LEDs, which are the most energy-efficient (and last up to 25 times longer), there are plenty of opportunities to cut your usage, and hopefully your bills.

There are even several affordable tech solutions that go further in helping you manage energy efficiency around lighting. This can range from motion sensors which will only turn lights on when someone walks into a room, or even customisable lighting systems (like Philips Hue) that give you better control over the intensity or type of light your office uses.

Pair this with smarter lighting habits like turning off lights overnight or when you leave a room, and this can greatly impact your energy usage. Try to make it a new habit – your energy bills will thank you.

Tip #2: Think about small adjustments

When we’re on autopilot and focused on getting things done, it can be easy to miss quick fixes that are right in front of us. Here are some handy pointers:

  • Printing: Are there any printing costs you could save on? We understand that going digital with things like calendars or lists isn’t for everyone, but with printers contributing to energy usage, it’s an area of potential savings to think about.

  • Appliances: Did you know leaving appliances on standby can add to your energy bill without you even noticing? Switching TVs, kettles or anything that stays plugged in off at the wall can help bring bills down.

  • Trees: As well as helping boost mental health (and looking beautiful too!), who knew that trees could help with your heating bills too? By tactically placing foliage, bushes and trees outside of your doors and windows, you can help stop wind from getting into the building and cut down on those pesky draughts.

Tip #3: Enjoy a saving on just one degree

No matter what industry you’re in, working in the cold makes for miserable conditions. So, rather than switching your heating off completely, there’s a way to save money by simply adjusting the temperature.

Consider this: turning down the thermostat in your home by just 1°C can save up to 7% in heating costs. In fact, you could cut more than £70 from your annual energy bill for every degree you lower the heating by. That’s a significant amount of money back in your pocket, without compromising on working conditions.

Technology can also do the hard work for you. Take Google’s Nest Learning Thermostat, for example, which automatically adjusts your heating while empowering you to monitor your home, or office and save on energy costs.

Tip #4: Find an app to help

We’ve already covered how technology can support you in this article – but did you know there’s support out there for energy usage, too?

You don’t have to be a pro with technology to manage what you use with an app. Take True Energy, which lets you control over 600 appliances from your phone. This is especially useful if you go out and forget to switch something off. It works for electric vehicles too, which is great if you use a car or van for work.

It’s also worth checking if your energy provider has an app that enables you to keep track of bills and usage. The more you know, the more you’ll be able to keep an eye on what you use.

Protect your money where it counts

Now you know a few simple tricks to help keep energy costs down, you can get back to focusing on what you do best – tending to your business and customers.

Keeping your energy usage under control is just one of many things to think about this winter. For advice on working remotely, keeping on top of payments, and maintaining employee wellbeing, you can rely on our knowledge centre for tips to make the coming months that little bit easier.

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