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We spoke to Josip and Bilgin, two of our V-Hub Digital Advisers to give you a better understanding of the people ready and waiting to help your business become ‘fit for the future’.

Here’s what they had to say:

Josip - V-Hub Adviser

What professional experiences have helped you succeed as an V-Hub Digital Adviser?

“I studied for a financial management qualification while working to secure a grant to set up my family business. Now, I’m also a co-founder of this business in Croatia, alongside my brothers and father. I worked through the financial crises and in several sectors. All of this has helped me greatly. I understand what it’s like growing a business, working through trying times and I’m able to apply these lived experiences to help others through their digital challenges as part of the V-Hub team.”

What support are you able to offer your clients?

“In my personal life, I’ve set up a business before, so I know what it’s like – not simply from a guidance point of view. I’m able to brainstorm with every V-Hub client, give an alternative view – a real discussion to discover how I can support their business.”

What challenges do business owners often come across where you could offer guidance?

“When setting up a new business, there’s often a misconception that once you’ve set your audience and built your website, you’re good to go. But this isn’t the case. There are so many elements to think about; strategies to set and processes to discuss – and I’m able to chat these through with clients.”

"I had a client recently who I helped overcome their fear of working with new technology. They were new to the business world, with a brilliant idea that needed help getting off the ground. With the right mix of support and guidance, I was able to help them learn vital digital skills, which they now utilise in everyday work.”

Why should business owners use the free V-Hub service?

“There’s a lot of support available on the internet, but by using the service, clients can work with V-Hub directly to speed up the process. There isn’t a stage of trial and error, as we discuss the challenges and I provide tailored solutions. I have experience articles on the internet don’t come with. Plus, it’s completely free, and you aren’t tied into any commitment.”

Bilgin - V-Hub Adviser

How has your background helped you as an V-Hub Digital Adviser?

“I've previously worked in hospitality sector management, customer service, network support, and I’m currently studying an Open University course in Computing and IT. All of this has fine-tuned my personal skills to help me support customers and find solutions to their problems. My strong understanding of IT and digital skills are put to use in every call, applying my knowledge to improve business processes, efficiency and profitability – all to help every V-Hub client become ‘fit for the future’.”

What results should clients expect from the service?

“I have training and experience in building websites, maximising use of social media, enabling remote working and increasing digital security. Altogether, I can support customers through a whole range of challenges, all to help them move forward in our digital world – to help their business become stronger and, ultimately, more successful.”

“The most powerful conversations are those where I can give clients practical ideas that will create immediate benefit for their business. Our conversations are realistic but engaging – we look to the future but put in place tangible steps to help them get there.”

What kind of challenges do clients tend to face?

“From my experience, customers often lack the digital skills needed to capture the right audience, and many lack confidence with using new software, platforms and applications – all of which are crucial for helping business thrive.”

How do you help clients overcome challenges?

“The way I help them overcome these challenges as a V-Hub Digital Adviser is to simplify the process. It can be so overwhelming trying to do everything at once, so I lay it out step by step. This often starts by recommending user-friendly platforms and supplying additional resources to help them gain confidence. By working together, I talk my clients through the recommendations to ensure they have total understanding and can put them into practice. But additional support is always available. Most cases are closed after a couple of calls, but my clients can always come back to me with questions, for follow-ups, or to ask for additional resource links.”

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