Benefits of AR and VR in Business

From captivating customers with immersive experiences to streamlining operations and boosting productivity, our AR and VR business ideas can help you stand out from the crowd.

What is AR and VR?

Augmented reality (AR) recognises our real-world environment and adds virtual elements such as computer-generated graphics, videos, or other digital content using smartphones, tablets, or smart glasses.

Virtual reality (VR) transports us to a computer-generated, 3D, virtual environment using a headset or similar device, where we can move and interact with the world we’re seeing.

AR and VR in business

There are loads of great reasons for using AR and VR in business.

In a world where instant personal service is the norm, AR and VR can be your secret weapons. They can bring your business to life, creating immersive experiences that captivate your customers and leave a lasting impression.

Not only will it show everyone that you're a forward-thinking, tech-savvy company, it'll also set you apart from your competition and grab attention, even against big players in the market.

AR and VR can open up a whole world of opportunity. You could reach a global audience, tap into new markets, expand your horizons – and cut costs. To get those creative gears turning, we've got eight quick and easy AR and VR business ideas.

Examples of AR and VR in Business

1. Visualising products

Show off in style by using AR to create virtual images of your products. If you’re selling home accessories, AR can allow your customers to see how they would look in their new space. If you’re involved with fashion or beauty, people can virtually try on clothes, make-up, or accessories.

For a more in-depth experience, VR is the perfect tool – especially if you’re a design agency working with other businesses. Imagine architects helping you to visualise your own home or visiting a car showroom to check out or even drive a new car. VR’s possibilities are endless.

2. Powerful packaging

Spice up your product packaging by adding extra information or interactive elements customers can access via a simple AR app like Google Lens. Whether it’s handy how-to guides, product specs, demos or special promotions, AR offers a surprise bonus.

3. Training and developing skills

Create interactive training that lets people practice procedures, learn about new equipment, or nail safety protocols through VR like Vive. It's a hands-on, engaging way to motivate teams and helps learning sink in.

4. Virtual meetings (with in-article image)

VR is like next gen Zoom or Teams. Share, collaborate and interact with 3D models, documents, and presentations from all over the world with platforms like Hubs or Arthur. A VR headset can also make it seem like you're sitting in a meeting room with your clients or teammates who are actually at home or in their office halfway around the world.

French multinational banking firm Societe General and PwC are just two big names leading the way, but with cheaper, more powerful headsets and devices hitting the market, it’s an ideal time for SMEs to get involved too.

5. Enhanced advertising

Boost marketing by including AR in your campaigns. Interactive ads or games and AR filters on social media like Snapchat or Instagram are fun ways to make your brand stand out and get people talking. You can even create AR business cards that unlock content like an intro video for an unforgettable meeting.

6. Virtual tours

Well-loved in the property market, virtual tours are ideal for letting people see what you offer before they make the trip. Think travel and hospitality, event venues, restaurants, educational institutions, retail, or offices and co-working spaces, etc.

7. Enhanced customer support

AR can help your customers by providing step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting assistance, or even virtual chatbots, like the infamous Chat GPT. It's like having your customer support team by their side, while saving time and resources.

8. Host virtual events

Cement your green credentials and save money by using VR like vFairs to host virtual events, trade shows and exhibitions. Generate leads and showcase your business to a global customer base without hiring floor space, booths or travelling. It's a cost-effective way to make a big impression.

How you use AR and VR for business depends on your in-house skills, budget and aims. There are plenty of off-the-shelf, simple AR and VR apps or platforms that you can easily integrate with your systems. But if you really want to push the boundaries of reality, it’s worth talking to an expert first.

Want more advice on how AR and VR could help your business? Speak to one of our V-Hub Digital Advisers to find out more.

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