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Best internet connection option for small business

Read how small businesses can get a business-grade internet connection with Complete Connectivity – a plug-and-play solution from Cisco and Vodafone.


Managing internet connectivity is a common problem for small businesses. Trying to build a solution that overcomes all your challenges may seem incredibly difficult, but there’s an easier way to achieve this. Vodafone has teamed up with Cisco to offer Complete Connectivity - a “plug-and-play” solution that uses business-grade Cisco Meraki technology for your internet connectivity. It helps give you greater security, visibility, control and reliability, providing the best experience possible for your employees and customers.
And the best part? This powerful, highly customizable small business solution works right out of the box with little to no learning curve.  

Broadband is more than just internet access 

Broadband can do a lot more than just provide access to the internet. Use it well, and it can help increase the time customers spend with you, convince them to spend more money, and improve brand awareness.
Vodafone’s Complete Connectivity uses real time analytics to help do all the above, including: 

  • Analyse network usage so you can identify peak shopping/buying times and adjust accordingly 

  • Measure store presence by tracking connected devices to better understand customer shopping habits

  • Utilize display ads on click-through splash pages, integrating with your CRM via Meraki’s APIs 

Additionally, Vodafone’s Complete Connectivity offers reliable broadband, cloud based automatic updates, site-to-site automatic VPN, advanced security features, traffic prioritization and much more.

Don’t put your business at risk 

Many small business owners assume they are too small to be a target of cybercrime, but if you’re online at all, you face the same risks whether you are the largest credit card company or the smallest home connection.
Unfortunately, a standard broadband connection doesn’t generally offer the enterprise-grade security you need to protect your business from the many security threats out there.
Complete Connectivity provides a powerful extra layer of protection, thanks to its Advanced Security features, that supplements and complements your existing anti-virus software. This isn’t just home broadband repackaged for businesses, but rather a specific SME solution with advanced security built in as standard.
Advanced security automatically detects, responds, and protects, and since it’s a cloud-based solution, it’s truly hands off with no manual updates required. Vodafone has also teamed up with Cisco to offer Advanced Malware Protection (AMP). Coupled with advanced security, the AMP database provides improved protection thanks to using Cisco’s global threat intelligence, which is able to protect from different bugs every day, from businesses of all sizes, from all around the world, and checking more than 500 million known files and 1.5 million new samples every day. 

Provide a great, consistent experience 

Most small businesses don’t have dedicated technical experts on site. In fact, a recent global CTO study from STX Next shows that only about 20% of small businesses employ an IT person to handle security issues. 
Complete Connectivity takes the worry out of WiFi management. Vodafone configures this package for you, so you don’t have to worry about adding security, onboarding your websites, or updating software. This means less manual configuration, faster updates and deployment, and real-world insights that can help you improve customer and staff experience.

Guest WiFi and social media integration 

Make your WiFi access easier with built-in guest access, allowing you to customize and integrate either a click-through or sign-on splash page. With tools including sign-in tracking, application blocking and traffic shaping, plus a splash bypass for recognized devices, you can apply a solution that works for everyone.  
You’ll also find deep social media integration in Complete Connectivity, letting your customers connect to WiFi simply by checking into their account and going to your business’s social media page. Plus, there’s the added benefit of allowing you to access aggregate and anonymous demographic data about your visitors.

Reliably complete that important sale 

Nobody likes it when their internet goes down, but when you’re a small business owner it’s essential that your connectivity remains strong at all times. You shouldn’t have to worry about lost earnings, and that’s why Complete Connectivity gives you not just reliable Vodafone broadband, but also a mobile 4G backup, ready right out of the box.

Learn more 

Ready to get started? Take a closer look at the Vodafone Complete Connectivity solution using trusted Meraki gear, and see how this unique offering can solve some of your biggest business hurdles and help protect you into the future. 

Complete Connectivity

Everything you need to stay connected, secure and in control with Complete Connectivity

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