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Best Ways To Boost Sales During Public Holidays

Make the most of public holiday sales by fine-tuning your digital sales strategy.


Every year, public holidays see an increase in people’s spending – from Boxing Day sales to Black Friday. In these competitive periods, businesses are fighting for customers’ attention. Budgeting doesn’t have to involve big spending or take up a lot of your time.

With more than 60% of consumers saying they’ve changed how they shop as prices have risen, understanding where, and when, to tactically increase sales is more important than ever.

Want to know how to make the most of public holidays to improve your sales? Start by creating a well-thought-out online strategy. Here’s how:

Look at data from previous holidays

The first step towards creating a winning holiday strategy is looking at how your business performed in previous years. What products were popular with customers? How have consumers engaged with your business? Where have you lost website visitors along the buying journey?

By understanding what was successful in previous years and, crucially, what wasn’t, you can focus on strategies proven to work – and ditch those that aren’t.

Highlight seasonal items that customers can't go without

While building a sales strategy based on valuable historic insights is important, don’t forget about seasonality.

Every public holiday is different; what consumers want to buy around Christmas will be – understandably – different to the Easter weekend. So, tailoring the items you have in stock to the specific sales period is crucial.

Consider this: if the holiday falls in the summer, your customers are more likely to be getting out and about. Think about offering and promoting products or services they’ll get the best use out of on holiday or on the beach, for example.

Pre-plan content across social media channels to build customer excitement

When key public holidays are approaching, you want customers to be thinking of your business first. And that means getting prepared.

Plan ahead and create engaging social media ads that’ll attract customers and tease what you’ll be offering. Vary the content you use on different channels too, in line with the audiences you’re targeting. That could mean showing pictures of discounted items or services on Instagram, or writing a post on Facebook asking your audience what type of discount they’d like to see ahead of the busy sales season.

By building anticipation and hinting at what will be on sale, you give prospective customers enough time to plan their time off, increasing the likelihood that they’ll consider your business when making a purchase.

Look at your email marketing

Year-round, businesses compete for customers, but during busy sales seasons when everyone’s marketing efforts increase, you need to really stand out from the crowd and make sure you convince your current customers to stay loyal.

How can you do this? Use the holiday to capture their attention with a relevant hook. For example, sharing bespoke content with your email subscribers – perhaps offering special deals or discount codes over the holiday to current subscribers only – will help build interest around your business and anticipation for the much-awaited day, while also driving traffic to your website. And make sure your marketing mirrors the mood of the season, while also aligning with your brand. Festive imagery can be great around Christmas, for example, as long as it matches your overall brand look and feel.

Offer special holiday discounts

The holidays are a time when your customers tend to treat themselves and others. So, by offering exclusive discounts or unique promotions on certain items around this period, this will help drive customers to your website and increase sales.

But everyone’s doing this, so how can your business stand do it differently? It’s important to discount meaningfully, and with impact. This starts with listening to what your customers really want. You can do this by asking them directly. Try asking for feedback through email surveys (if you have permission to contact them this way and follow the GDPR rules). Or by posting questions or polls to your Instagram Stories. Then use this insight to tailor your holiday promotions. Your customers won’t only feel heard, but you’ll offer discounts that’ll reflect their wants and needs, and that are more likely to increase sales.

Building a successful business is all about being prepared – and this is even more true around the holidays. Each public holiday creates a chance to make the most of heightened consumer spending and increase online traffic to your website. And by putting these quick – but important – tips in place, you’ll be set to get the best out of every holiday sales opportunity

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And know that we’re always here to help you on your business journey, so you can chat to our V-Hub Digital Advisers for some more helpful tips.

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