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Reasons to Digitise Employee Benefits

Thinking about digitising your employee benefits packages? Discover the benefits and how digital employee benefit platforms can save the day.


From paying for your weekly shop with your smartwatch to checking in for your holiday, everything is digital these days. Employee benefits are no exception. Here’s why you should consider digitising your employee benefits package and examples of programmes designed to make workplace rewards easy.

What are the plus sides  of digitising employee benefits?

Digitising employees can be good for both your business and your employees. A LinkedIn Global Talent Trend report listed compensation and benefits as the number one part of the employee experiences that needed to be made better fixed in their workplace. A fair salary and company culture are all essentials to make the best people want to work with you, but a good employee benefits package can make your company stand out from the crowd and attract highly skilled talent to your team.

Digital benefits can:
  •  Make the workplace a more enjoyable place to be
  • Increase productivity and improve employee satisfaction
  • Make salaries go further
  • Help your employees to access and manage their benefits more easily
  • Ensure nothing is lost or missed and employees can keep track of their rewards easily
  • Help employees and their families save money on a wide range of items like clothing, cinema tickets, childcare and holidays
Employee benefit schemes allow you to be flexible and pick the benefits that work best for your team. If you want to digitise your employee benefits packages, here are a few examples of what’s available:


Employees are more likely to take up rewards and benefits when they are relevant and easy to access. Perkbox provides a seamless and user-friendly experience that streamlines employee perks. Employees earn points for their achievements and milestones which they can choose to redeem against a range of benefits that are meaningful to them.
The wellness hub is a great signposting feature that focuses on improving overall wellbeing. Rewards, recognition, and benefits are all tracked so you can minimise costs by having everything under one roof – or app.


Bonusly is like a miniature social media platform. It works through peer-to-peer engagement and focuses on building a positive work environment through recognition and rewards. In short, an employee can tag another team member to highlight their accomplishments, then Bonusly posts this for everyone to see and points are earned which turn into rewards. Other employees can ‘like’ and comment on the tags to boost the rewards too.


Yulife is a workplace rewards platform that aims to make healthy living fun. There are rewards for walking and cycling but also mindfulness and group participation. It’s designed to give your team a boost and deliver the complete employee benefits solution through acts of service and feeling good.
Employees can choose to donate their points to charitable organisations or use them for well-earned discounts and offers from hundreds of well-known brands. They also have a mascot, Yugi the giraffe, who is available to give support and encouragement along the way.
Digitising your employee benefits package can be a big step, especially if it’s new for you. Start by checking out these programmes as many have free trials or demos. Get feedback from your colleagues before deciding so every member of your team can benefit.

For one-to-one support, speak to one of our V-Hub Digital Advisers; you can get in touch here. Our Knowledge Centre is also packed with information and tips to help you on your digital journey.

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