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The COVID-19 pandemic impacted entire workforces and created a global shift in the way we work. Overnight, it created a reliance on technology and digital skills that meant businesses had to rethink their approach to the workplace.

The last few years have been tough, but they’ve shown how important it is for businesses to be able to navigate the unexpected – whether that’s adapting to new technologies, working around emerging health crises or tackling the unknown.

By working alongside businesses around the world, it quickly became clear that being ‘fit for the future’ can help you grow through it all. After all, companies with a ‘fit for the future’ score that’s 10 points higher are 36% more likely to financially outperform their competitor.

Want to know how ‘fit for the future’ your business is? Answer our short assessment to find out your score.

How did you score?

Here are the steps you can take to move forward.

Low score (<60)

If you came out on the lower end of the ‘fit for the future’ spectrum, that’s okay. In fact, of all the businesses we surveyed, only 20% met the criteria.

You might just be launching your digital transformation journey, but there are many ways to give you the best start. A good way to begin is to check out our extensive resources for setting up a business online; we have guides on practically every area, from lifting the lid on digital marketing to collaborating remotely, as well as how to remain secure online.

Medium score (60-74.99)

For those of you that scored in the medium percentile and are already taking steps towards a digital transformation, you’ll want to take a different path. Our research found that thriving isn’t simply about investing in tech, it’s about welcoming change too.

Although important, it’s no secret that this mindset shift won’t happen overnight, especially since the world of commerce changes practically every day, and so do customer expectations. But here’s how to get going:

  • Keep your ear to the ground on the latest developments in your sector.

  • Connect with customers to find out what they actually want.

  • Look at customer and business behavioural trends to see which patterns repeat themselves.

  • Look to the future and remain open-minded.

High score (75+)

If you placed on the higher end of the spectrum, you’re well on your way to becoming ‘fit for the future’. Your business has the right mindset and is already embracing change, but there’s more you can do to protect your profitability and success.

Continue your journey by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Are you working to set trends, rather than following others?

  • Can you help employees develop, to ensure every colleague shares your mindset and uses it to push business forward?

  • Is there more to be done to bring customers closer to your business?

  • What do you want to achieve in the next 5, 10 and 15 years? What changes do you need to make to achieve these goals?

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You'll be pleased to hear, it doesn’t matter how many people you employ or how much money you have available, every business has the potential to succeed by becoming ‘fit for the future’.

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