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Summer Holiday Management Tools for Business

Here are some digital tools and software to consider for easily managing your employee’s well-deserved annual leave.


Digitally Managing Summer Holidays in Your Business

As employees plan their well-deserved breaks, the task of managing their leave can feel a bit daunting—especially for small teams. Fortunately, there are tools and programmes available to help simplify the process. In this article we’ll explore managing staff holidays manually, and how you can make the most of technology to make things easier.


Managing annual leave manually


In smaller teams, handling staff holidays manually has often been the go-to method. It usually involves using shared calendars, spreadsheets, or even whiteboards to keep track of employee leave. This approach might work for a while, but it can become increasingly complex and time-consuming as the team grows. Misunderstandings can happen when multiple team members request the same dates, resulting in inefficiencies and frustrated staff.


Digital annual leave management


There are various digital softwares to help streamline managing summer holidays in your business. They provide one central platform for both managers and employees to plan and track leave efficiently. These softwares can save time and effort for everyone involved and managers can quickly oversee availability, preventing schedule conflicts. They’re also great for enhancing transparency and communication within the team, and for providing accurate records and reports, meaning you can plan for future staffing needs.


Annual leave management software lets employees submit holiday requests, as well as view their remaining leave balance. Managers can then review and approve them seamlessly. Other features like calendar integrations make leave-tracking a breeze. You can also see team availability in real-time, helping you plan work around holidays and avoid timing conflicts.


For small businesses, a calendar tool can be a brilliant option too. Employees can set their availability, so colleagues can easily plan meetings and projects around their annual leave. Team members can create and share calendars, making it simple to view and manage holidays. You can also set up notifications for upcoming leave or scheduling issues.


Here are some globally available tools you could consider:


Vacation Tracker

Zoho People



Google Calendar


Managing summer holidays in your business can be made much more efficient with the help of digital tools. Embracing leave tracking solutions can mean streamlined processes and better team collaboration, so your employees can make the most of their breaks while your business keeps running smoothly.

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