How businesses can benefit from ISDN switch off

From supercharging your sales teams to reducing office costs, how the shift away from ISDN could positively impact you.

You might already have heard that from December 2025, BT Openreach is closing down all ISDN lines – which will basically mean an end to landlines in the UK and the lines most commonly used to make phone calls across the world.

Known as ‘The Great Switch Off’, it is the biggest communications change in a generation. But here are five ways your business could actually benefit from the change:

1. Improving home working

Hybrid working is here to stay, with a third of UK office workers saying they would quit if they had to return to the office full-time.

The ISDN switch off and subsequent shift to a fully digital network will enable improved video conferencing, file sharing and cloud-based working. This means that it will empower remote and hybrid workforces to communicate and collaborate more efficiently and effectively.

2. Reducing office costs

Voice will become completely digital and delivered over the internet using Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. VoIP only requires an internet connection to work. This means you’ll be able to say goodbye to costly, old-fashioned analogue phone lines in your offices.

3. Supercharging your sales team

Sales still plays an integral part of many businesses. From the ability to scale without adding new costly landlines and allowing for remote answering, to greater automation and tracking – there’s no shortage of ways that new VoIP systems can help make the lives of your sales teams infinitely easier.

4. Boosting your efficiency

Post switch-off, businesses will benefit from better call quality and faster networks. This will in turn improve innovation, increasing productivity and efficiency.

5. Enabling intelligent workspaces

Many companies are rethinking their workspaces. They’re creating collaborative environments designed to inspire and energise teams when they’re on site – with fast and reliable connectivity, so people enjoy a great experience no matter where they work. This means that when supported by the right cutting-edge innovations, after the Great Switch Off, businesses will be able to take employee engagement to the next level – regardless of where everyone is based.

There are several great partners out there who can support with your migration. Be sure to research your options and look for a company who can help make this process a smooth and successful one – readying your business for the future.

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