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Coding for Websites: Is It Worth Learning?

Are you tempted to learn to code your own business website? Find out the DIY pros and cons versus hiring a professional.


In recent years, coding has become an increasingly desirable skill to have. However, as a business owner wanting to create a website, is learning code for your website worth your time? This article will explore your options.

What is coding for websites?

A website's code is a series of complex threads of digits and numbers, which come together to form the words you read, the colours and shapes you see on the page, and the buttons you click. Code is so complex that it's a language all of its own, called 'HTML'. This is all 'written' and tested by a website coder.

How much time would it take me to learn to code?

Learning code can take anywhere from weeks to months, depending on your prior experience, the time you can devote to learning, and the complexity of your website project.

What's the ‘opportunity cost’ of taking the time to learn?

In other words, what alternative opportunities will you lose by coding your own website? Would the weeks or months of study become a business asset in the long run? Or would you be better off paying for the skills of an experienced programmer, while you spend time on other crucial functions?

Why learn to code?

Becoming a proficient coder would allow you to create your website from scratch and make it look and function just the way you want it to.

Is learning to code hard?

Learning to code can be challenging. You'll need a good grasp of basic programming concepts and a mindset to succeed, in order to build a simple website that works for your business.

Is learning to code expensive?

There are free or low-cost online courses available, including CodeAcademy and Udemy. You can also invest in in-depth courses to learn specific coding languages.

Is coding good for entrepreneurs?

The positives:
  • Bring your ideas to life without relying on expensive developers
  • Make updates to your website without the need for a third party
  • Learn how to create more complex websites

The negatives:
  • It’s a full-time occupation for several weeks or months
  • Your focus will not be on day-to-day business operations
  • Your financial cost includes what your personal time is worth over several weeks, including the costs of any programmes or courses
  • You will have beginner skills, rather than leveraging the skills of a professional coder

Should I learn coding or programming?

It depends on your business. If your website needs to be updated daily and it’s your responsibility, then it could be beneficial to learn. If not, you may be better off outsourcing or using a website builder like Webflow or Wix, which allows you to build a simple site in 1-4 weeks.

How much would it cost to outsource a coder?

It's possible to pay a junior coder on Fiverr a couple of hundred pounds for a simple one-page website. However, if you want a slick e-commerce site with a database, fancy graphics, animation or video, you'll need someone more experienced who may charge several hundred, up to tens of thousands.

Is coding worth learning?

To find out if it’s worth it financially, compare the cost of outsourcing your website build and maintenance tasks with how much it would cost you to do it personally (remembering to include the cost of your absence in other parts of the business). Is it worth it in terms of fulfilling you as a person? Will it help you achieve your long-term goals? Only you can decide. 
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