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SMEs Offering Mental Health Services for Businesses

See how 8 mental wellbeing businesses are helping to boost productivity and wellbeing across Europe.


According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), an estimated 12 billion working days are lost every year to depression and anxiety worldwide, at a cost of US$ 1 trillion per year in lost productivity. Statistics about mental health in the workplace reveal that it's an issue affecting people from all walks of life. So, in this article for Mental Health Awareness Month, we're going to highlight a group of companies across Europe that provide mental health support for businesses.

How to talk about mental health at work

Addressing and caring for your employees’ mental health, and not shying away from it shows everyone on your team that they have support if they need it. Speak in person with your team about your mental health policy – don't just talk about it over email or in documents – as this feels impersonal.

Mental health resources for SMEs

Take a look at the examples below for best practices in workplace mental health, and to find out more in your local area about how you can help protect yourself and your employees in terms of stress management, work-life balance and mental wellness.

iFeel — Spain
iFeel is a non-profit that works with HR teams at AXA insurance, Insud Pharma and Thoughtworks to help create their corporate mental wellbeing strategy and provide confidential counselling from over 600 psychologists, allowing companies to improve employee wellbeing.
Serenis Health — Italy
Serenis provides mental health services for businesses, including online psychotherapy for staff, and bespoke webinars and training for companies. Their reporting tools enable companies such as TikTok, Estee Lauder and Deliveroo to measure team wellbeing and corporate sentiment.
Atium –  Netherlands
Atium is trusted by teams at Gitlab, Amazon, HelloFresh and PWC to help build their ‘best-in-class’ remote working cultures and boost retention levels by providing a continuously updated library of virtual games and activities designed to build personal connections.
Sense Health – Portugal

Sense Health’s mission is to prevent burnout by providing clear indicators of teams’ mental health, tracking key measurable factors by collecting data from two weekly staff surveys and translating results into insights that help companies understand their team environments and improve.

4mind - Romania

4mind helps companies provide their employees with access to a network of licensed and certified psychotherapists and coaches as well as virtual 24/7 counselling through their ‘Serena’ chatbot and wellbeing webinars. This allows employees to access specialist help whenever they need it.

Mantra Care – Greece

Mantra Care takes a broader approach to wellness than solely mental health, providing programmes for lifestyle issues such as stopping smoking, diabetes reversal and physiotherapy. Over 100 companies in Greece use Mantra Care, which has a presence in all the major cities. 

Y2B — Germany

Y2B is a Germany-based company that provides mental health awareness services for companies including Philipps, Deloitte and Omnicom. Y2B’s approach is to offer holistic support to teams and employees, including theatre-based workshops, yoga, physical fitness and stress release.

Sanctus, UK

Sanctus began as a blog post by founder, James Routledge, sharing his own mental wellbeing struggles. It’s since grown into a business that supports hundreds of progressive businesses and empowers individuals to work on their mental wellbeing and personal development with a Sanctus Coach.

Workplace Wellbeing, Ireland

Workplace Wellbeing provides programmes, training and a supportive community for HR professionals and senior leaders whose remit is workplace health. They promote idea sharing and best practices and innovations for designing, implementing and measuring wellbeing in the workplace.

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