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Sara Tasker: Mastering Social Business Profiles

Sara’s top tips for building your social profile 


Sara joined us as one of four guest V-Hub advisers who took over our Instagram channel in April. 

Sara's session focused on creativity to supercharge business development, with guidance on how to bring your business to life online and expand connections with customers. Here, she follows up her highly informative session with support on building your social media profile. 

"As a small business, embrace your uniqueness and the fact that you’re the driving force behind it.”

Embrace the power of being small and human!

On social media, we often feel compelled to present ourselves or our businesses as something bigger or more professional than they are. However, the true power of social media lies in the connections we make with other people. As a small business, embrace your uniqueness and the fact that you’re the driving force behind it. Remember, people want to connect with people, so don’t shy away
from showcasing the genuine aspects of your business. Those things that we want to hide are really gems that others will admire and be drawn.

Providing value ahead of time through your online content

A sale to a customer from your small business is a transaction. It’s an exchange between you and the customer. But it can be so much more than that. Well before reaching that point, you have the opportunity to provide value to your audience. Use your online social media presence to share entertaining and informative content or offer useful information on topics that matter to them. This acts as a small gift that enhances their day and makes the eventual sale feel like a reciprocal exchange of value.

Why I love Substack for growing your audience

Substack is a combination of the golden days of blogging, newsletters and social networking. It’s an exciting platform that has reignited the interest in long-form written content. This type of content has been neglected in recent years and I’m glad it’s making a comeback! The comment sections on Substack are also incredible. People are always interacting and discussing your content in a way that creates a community surrounding your profile. 

Looking for more help and support? Why not speak to our expert V-Hub advisers for free for more guidance on digital marketing and using social media for business. 

Sara Tasker - Leading Instagram Expert and Creative Coach

Sara Tasker is a writer and business coach and one of the UK’s leading Instagram Experts.

Her podcast, Hashtag Authentic, has millions of downloads alongside
her bestselling Instagram book of the same name.

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