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Which businesses are best prepared for the future?

Wondering what it means to be ‘fit for the future’ and how this could benefit your business? You’ve come to the right place.

In 2019, we set out to discover which businesses are best prepared for the future – and what made these organisations stand apart. Then, we took a deeper dive to find out how they tackle challenges, approach change, and seize new opportunities to become ‘fit for the future’.

Want to find out what these businesses are doing differently and why they’re more likely to succeed?

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1: They’re learning to adapt

94% of ‘fit for the future’ businesses say they’re prepare for risks

‘Fit for the future’ businesses are creating digital roadmaps to prepare for risks – and they’re seeing real-world benefits.

By adopting a positive attitude towards new tech and a flexible mindset that promote innovation and resilience, these businesses report fewer negative impacts through challenging times.

And adaptability sets them up for financial success. In fact, The London School of Economics (LSE) found that when a business’ ‘fit for the future’ score is 10 points greater, the likelihood of outperforming its competitors financially increases by 36%.

2: They’re exceeding customer demands

30% of businesses with >250 employees are planning to spend more on environmental, social and corporate governance or corporate social responsibility

Customers expect more – from round the clock communication to increased personalisation to advanced digital experiences, fit for the future’ companies take change in their stride.

They make sustainability a priority because people don’t only want exceptional experiences; they want to buy from and work with ethical, sustainable brands.

LSE found organisations with a ‘fit for the future’ index that’s higher by 10 points have an ESG commitment that’s 6 points greater, so they’re boosting performance while meeting customer expectations.

3: They’re navigating the hybrid world

77% of ‘fit for the future’ businesses see employee freedom as a positive

Flexibility is now critical in the workplace and, with their adaptable mindset, ‘fit for the future’ businesses are welcoming new technology to make this possible.

With employee expectations ever-growing, they’re conscious about the impact of flexible working. And 33% are concerned about maintaining company culture in a remote world.

By developing workplace culture, maintaining employee morale and boosting productivity, these businesses are recruiting and keeping top talent.

4: They’re embracing technology

86% of ‘fit for the future’ businesses are taking action to manage an automated world

‘Fit for the future’ businesses see the benefit of technology in creating equal opportunities in the future, and many believe it’ll create greater job security too. While they’re considerably more optimistic about the role of technology, 68% say they’re conscious about its impact on society.

Our world is becoming more automated every day and these businesses are using this to help their workforce flourish by reducing mundane tasks and boosting productivity.

Now you’ve seen the impact of becoming ‘fit for the future’, ask yourself:

  • Do you look on the bright side and approach challenges with optimism?

  • Is your business set up to weather future storms?

  • What are you doing to stay ahead of your customers?

  • Are you embracing a hybrid working world?

  • Are you using modern technology to step into the future?

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