Vodafone Business presents Digital SOS with Steven Bartlett

We’ve teamed up with entrepreneur and Vodafone Business ambassador Steven Bartlett to launch Digital SOS; a new documentary film series giving small business owners big digital makeovers!

Steven Bartlett & V-Hub's expert guidance for Mejuicer

Watch as Steven heads to Walton-on-Thames to answer Joe from Mejuicer’s Digital SOS. Joe’s fresh juice business is feeling the squeeze from cyber criminals, so Steven and Johnny, our V-Hub expert, simplify cyber security and offer their guidance on how to get him cyber-secure fast.

V-Hub supports small businesses in digital upskilling

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy, with five and a half million SMEs operating in the UK. But running a small business can be tough, with reports showing that less than half of these businesses survive beyond four years.

V-Hub is a completely free resource service designed to help small business owners get the digital skills they need to thrive for the long term. From tools and training, to insights and a business support helpline, V-Hub can support your small business to transform and grow.

If you have a Digital SOS and would like one of our V-Hub advisers to help you, simply complete our call back form. One of our expert team will be in touch to help you with your own digital transformation plan.

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About Mejuicer

Mejuicer makes fresh cold pressed juice ginger shots to give customers a boost of healthy nutrition and tasty satisfaction, all while committing to sustainability by being plastic free.

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About Steven Bartlett

Entrepreneur, author, and youngest-ever Dragon on BBC’s Dragon’s Den; Steven is a Vodafone Business Ambassador who founded Social Chain, a social media marketing and ecommerce company.

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Steven Bartlett & V-Hub's expert guidance for Apex Gym

Watch as Steven heads to Bishops Stortford to answer Amelia from Apex Gym's Digital SOS. Steven and a Vodafone Business V-Hub expert discuss the issues facing the business, and offer their expert guidance on how small tweaks to Apex's marketing, social strategy and time management, using free V-Hub resources, could take Amelia's business to the next level. 

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