Vodafone One Net Business

Turn any device into an always connected business phone.

What is One Net Business?

The first step to unifying your communications

A secure cloud-based phone system, One Net Business joins up your landline and mobile communications, so that you’re always connected. Vodafone is the first network in the UK to offer a converged service for fixed and mobile phones.

Perfect for small and medium-sized businesses, One Net Business provides better customer experience, boosts staff productivity, efficiency and morale – meaning you can work better, from anywhere, from any of your devices.

In fact, 35% of remote employees think their productivity increased when working fully remote (with the 1 superscript linking to the article).

Add Office 365 and Skype for Business for a fully unified solution

If you’re looking for added desktop and tablet connectivity, One Net Collaboration combines One Net Business with Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business, so when a call comes in, it can ring on a fixed phone, mobile, tablet or computer. One Net Collaboration allows you to turn any device into a work phone, so your people can be contacted and contact others, any way they want. 

Meet Vodafone One Net Business

Be more responsive, efficient and productive with One Net Business – a solution that allows you and your employees to work more collaboratively, across a full range of devices. Make the most of every opportunity and stay ahead of the competition. 

Benefits of One Net Business

Benefits of One Net Collaboration

With One Net Collaboration, your people can stay in touch the way it suits them best. It integrates Microsoft Office and Skype into your existing communications network, taking away the need to find stored contact details.

To use One Net Collaboration, you’ll need to install One Net miniClient (a PC Softphone) on your users’ Windows PC or Windows Tab devices. This will enable your One Net service to fully integrate into Skype for Business and deliver PSTN calling through Skype. These calls will have your One Net prices and features applied, giving you lower call rates and better functionality.


Share ideas and information via audio, web, and video conferencing. Your people become more productive and make better-informed decisions. 


Involve all key stakeholders in the decision-making process, whatever location, country or time zone they’re in. 


Enjoy the same experience wherever you are, with high-quality features and support. 


Contact people easier and save yourself time. No more chasing contacts, arranging and travelling to meetings. 

Choose fully integrated or phased business solutions

Moving to a fully integrated, cloud-based communications platform can make your business more flexible and efficient. However, we realise that businesses can’t always move their telephone system, fixed lines and mobiles at the same time. To make your One Net journey more flexible and accessible, you can choose a phased approach. 

One Net Office

If your mobiles are still in contract, One Net Office lets you move just your internal phone system and landlines to our secure, cloud-based platform as a first step towards integrated communications.

You’ll benefit from the same functionality and features as One Net Business, but without the mobile integration. When you’re ready to move your mobiles over as well, we can easily upgrade you to the complete solution.

One Net Mobile

If your internal phone system and landlines are still in contract, One Net Mobile lets you move just your mobiles to our secure, cloud-based platform as a first step towards integrated communications.

You’ll benefit from the same functionality and features as One Net Business without the fixed integration. When you’re ready to move your fixed services over as well, we can easily upgrade you to the complete solution.

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Customer FAQs

With a cloud-based telephone system like One Net, you no longer need to host a telephone system on your premises. You simply connect to One Net via our secure service. We take care of maintenance and upgrades, while you focus on running your business. 

One Net Business has all the features and functionality of a traditional phone system, with the added benefit of fixed and mobile convergence. Plus, unlike standard phone lines, One Net Business avoids the risk of a single point of failure. In the event of your fixed lines being out of service, it can be set up to route calls to another site, or to your mobiles. 

Our core support hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. We also provide out-of-hours support for major faults, which we’ll escalate any time, any day of the year. We’ll investigate the fault within 30 minutes and confirm remedial action within 24 hours. If your on-site hardware fails, we’ll replace it within four hours of diagnosis, and any faulty handset will be replaced by the end of the next working day. 

All DSL and Ethernet connections have Enhanced Level Care, ensuring the swiftest response possible. We monitor the service 24/7 and will immediately notify you if our automated checks reveal any issues. 

For help and support, you can visit the One Net Information Site (ONIS)

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Automatically optimises to give you a fast and consistent connection. 

Simple switching

Just choose your broadband package and activation date — we’ll do the rest.

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