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Discover the right solutions to improve your environmental impact.

For businesses seeking sustainable growth, the importance of enabling technologies can’t be overstated. Cloud storage eliminates the need for expensive and energy-intensive on-site storage, while collaborative technology could cut the energy consumption of medium-sized businesses by a staggering 87%. These technologies also support remote work, unlocking additional sustainability gains.

Despite these benefits, many medium-sized businesses are missing out on sustainable transformations due to resource constraints and a lack of access to digital skills. 90% have difficulties finding the right solutions to improve their environmental impact.

Harnessing technology for sustainable growth

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Set a net zero target

While businesses embarking on a net zero transition face many challenges, including cost and feasibility, with the right technology you can overcome them easily.

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Track and monitor your emissions

Businesses have started using environmental technology to track energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions, building an emission reduction strategy where technology has a clear part to play.

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Make the most of hybrid and remote working

Businesses investing in technology to support hybrid and remote working see it as an opportunity to reduce paper use, commuting and emissions.

How we can help

Our comprehensive suite of solutions can contribute to your net-zero strategy. Connected Spaces provides valuable insights into your emissions profile, empowering you to monitor and implement reduction strategies effectively.

Meanwhile, Vodafone Business Unified Communications can help reduce emissions by encouraging hybrid and remote work arrangements, reducing business travel – which is a Scope 3 emission.

IoT connectivity

Collect, monitor and analyse information from multiple sources across your business. From fleet monitoring to air humidity measurement, carbon reductions to waste prevention, IoT can help you improve sustainability in all key areas. Internet of Things (IoT) | Vodafone UK

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Smart Wireless Cameras

Our Smart Wireless Cameras provide HD imagery and are 5G-enabled. They can be integrated with your existing CCTV network for all-round surveillance to ensure that sustainable practices are being upheld, for example preventing damage to your environments.

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Vodafone Business Unified Communications

VBUC brings all your preferred communication apps into one simple platform. Re-thinking your business communications can lead to more sustainable outcomes by lowering the environmental impact of your IT and cutting down on employee travel.

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Fleet Analytics

Managing your vehicle fleet sustainably means analysing driver and vehicle data to ensure that delivery routes are optimised to be shorter, vehicles are maintained proactively before any problems become major issues, and more sustainable choices can be made.

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Connected Spaces pilot project

Vodafone Business Connected Spaces delivers IoT technology that enables you to track, analyse and consolidate data from your buildings to make more informed, sustainable decisions about your spaces.

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Public Cloud

We provide shared centralised data centre hosting services, where you can migrate from dedicated on-site hosting to more efficient centralised data hosting centres. This more efficient operation saves carbon compared to on-premises computing facilities.

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Our connectivity enables you to switch from traditional WAN to SD-WAN networks. The replacement of traditional WAN devices with our SD-WAN cloud-based devices may help reduce emissions across your sites.

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