In-Building Coverage

With our flexible in-building coverage, your employees can get high-quality signal on their mobiles in the office.

Secure network coverage wherever your premises are

Our comprehensive in-building coverage solutions are designed to overcome a wide range of challenges across sites of all sizes.

We can create a cellular network that serves your premises and your employees perfectly, whether your business is in a rural location or in a densely built-up area where network coverage can be patchy.

Our coverage consultants will analyse your needs and help you choose the best coverage option for your organisation.

Solutions for sites of all sizes


A tower-type structure that can be mounted on existing rooftops or purpose built masts, Macro sites can support a mix of coverage, including 4G where it’s available. We can help you manage planning permission, licensing or landlord approval if needed.


A repeater device can amplify an existing signal by ‘repeating’ it into your premises or another area of the building. They’re typically used to solve coverage issues where a building’s fabric is interfering with the mobile signal – allowing you to make and receive calls wherever you are, even in the basement.

Small Cell

Our market-leading small-cell solutions deliver a scalable 3G/4G voice and data signal. This intelligent, self-organising option is deployed across your site with CAT5/6 cabling, either using your existing LAN cabling or a separate network. Connectivity and build are completed in parallel.

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Automatically optimises to give you a fast and consistent connection.

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