Vodafone Business Optimiser

A plan as unique as your business.

A unique, self-optimising plan

Wherever your business may take you – we’ve got you covered. Vodafone Business Optimiser puts you in total control by ensuring you and your employees never incur unexpected charges, and you only pay for what you actually use.

Always on the best plan

With Business Optimiser, you’ll start each month on a plan tailored to your needs – with the data allowance set to zero. As you and your team use data throughout the month, we’ll automatically move you up to the next, most cost-effective plan.

You’ll never pay out of plan charges on data in the UK, our Business Traveller Europe Zones 1 and 2, or our World Zone, helping you keep costs under control. You’ll return to the zero data allowance each month – so you never pay for what you don’t use.

Why Vodafone Business Optimiser

Unlimited calls in the UK and Europe

With a plan that includes voice, get unlimited calls and texts to the UK and Europe Zones 1 and 2. Business Traveller lets you use your data, calls and texts in Europe Zones 1 and 2 at no extra charge. Use your allowances in our World Zone for just £5 (exc. 20% VAT) a day.

No nasty surprises in your bill

With Business Optimiser, you can easily set limits on what you and each of your employees use, so you can avoid going out of budget. Opt in to our email and text message notifications and you’ll also get regular usage updates to keep track of your spending.

Easy set-up

Business Optimiser offers a range of off-the-peg starter plans to match your individual business needs – depending on whether you need just voice, just data or both.

Save time on admin

With one contract and one bill, you can stay focused on what matters the most to your business.

Get started in four easy steps

First step:

Choose your base plan: voice and data, voice only or data only.

Second step:

Choose your international rates outside of Europe (remember, calls from the UK to Europe Zones 1 and 2 are included at no extra charge for voice only and voice and data plans).

Third step:

Choose the discounts you need for roaming outside the Business Traveller Zones.

Fourth step:

Set a limit to how much you spend by applying relevant voice, data and text caps.

For more information on how Business Optimiser works and examples of pricing plans, download our handy brochure.

All you need to create your complete business mobile plan

eSIM for business customers

New eSIM technology—embedded in smartphones and tablets—is now available to Vodafone business customers. Most flagship devices are now dual SIM, having both an eSIM and a physical SIM, with increasingly more devices adopting it due to its convenience.

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