Secure your network

Keep your network safe with cyber security solutions from Vodafone Business.

Secure your network with Vodafone Business

We've been protecting our own network for over 30 years. Rely on our expertise to manage your digital risk and help keep your network safe. 

Secure Web Gateway

This is a cyber security solution that sits between users and the internet - it inspects web requests against internal policy and stops unsecured internet traffic entering an organisation’s internal network. Businesses use this to stop infections from malicious websites and other cyberthreats. 

Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA)

This secures users when they connect to external web services and applications. It’s primarily used for internet access or software as service applications such as Microsoft 365.

Zscaler Private Access (ZPA)

This secures users when they connect to private services and applications. The applications could be hosted in your data centre or private company applications hosted in a public cloud.

Firewall Management

Get the most out of your firewalls with a management system that can help reduce your vulnerabilities, increase access visibility and optimise your efficiency.

Managed Firewall Palo Alto

Powered by Palo Alto Networks, this cloud-based firewall solution offers comprehensive and consistent protection for all internet access, no matter where your users are or what device they use. A cloud infrastructure allows management under the firewall rules that best align with your overall security policy, providing you the best possible fit.

Managed On-Premise Security

We can help assess, manage and monitor your firewalls to provide optimal strength and efficiency.

Managed Firewall Takeover

We can help you protect your internet access from anywhere with advanced firewall capabilities. Our solution makes it easy for you to set up and run an advanced firewall service. With our experienced team’s support, you can use your current firewall estate, follow best practices and benefit from new technology.

Network Security Assessment and Testing

In today’s rapidly evolving digital world it’s hard to tell how secure your network is. Get peace of mind knowing you’re protected against the worst when you assess and test your network. 

Penetration Testing

We can simulate an attack on your business to find weaknesses in your cyber security controls. This exercise helps us identify vulnerabilities and show you how to fix them before cybercriminals exploit them.

Cyber Exposure Diagnostics

Consider the future cyber security needs of your business and anticipate the improvements you’ll need with our Cyber Exposure Diagnostics solution. Our team will guide you through how you can prevent, detect and contain potential future threats.

Vulnerability Assessments

Check the effectiveness of your current cyber security controls and help make your business less likely to fall victim to a successful cyberattack. We’ll examine your current solution, analyse your patch management, and change management programmes with our automated vulnerability assessment tool.

Security Ratings by SecurityScorecard

Security Ratings by SecurityScorecard is our online platform for assessing cyber security risk. It uses a rating-based scoring system on a scale of A-F to assess your cyber security posture and recommend improvements. All within an extensive report on potential risks in security posture.

Why Vodafone for cyber security?

One relationship

We have in-house cyber security teams and work with industry-leading cyber security partners to offer specialised capabilities - integrated into a single relationship.

30 years of experience

Securing networks and protecting businesses for over 30 years, we have the experience to help you make the right cyber security decisions for your business.

Leading connectivity

Over £1bn invested in our UK network. Recognised as a ‘leader’ in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Services for the last three years, we’re working with 70% of the Fortune 500. 

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