Secure your operations

Detect and respond to cyberattacks with Vodafone Business.

Secure your operations with Vodafone Business

Our team of expert advisers and sophisticated detection and response capabilities can help keep your business safe from cyber threats. From phishing awareness to Managed Security Operations Centres, our services are designed to help you identify and address cyberattacks. 

Threat intelligence, monitoring, detection and analysis

Improve visibility and prioritise cyber security threats with multiple cyber security systems under one umbrella. Our managed solutions not only help simplify your admin, but they can reduce in-house overheads. 

Managed SOC and SIEM

Choose our Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) for our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution. Our SOC team monitors and analyses your IT systems to detect and neutralise cyber threats, providing reports and alerts to keep you informed.

Managed detection and response

Manage and reduce the risk of an attack on your business with our managed detection and response service. Our service continuously monitors your environment for malicious and unexpected activity. It puts cyber security in our professional team's hands - and you can focus on your business.

Incident response and management

Defend your business from cyber security incidents with our incident response and management services, designed to get your business ready to respond in the event of an attack. 

Breach response and forensics service

Respond effectively and decisively to cyber security threats with our breach response and forensics service. Our solution delivers affordable access to industry-leading cyber security, providing priority access to the digital forensics and incident response capabilities of our team.

BlackBerry AtHoc

Communication can be complex and challenging, especially when you need to respond rapidly during a crisis. Simplify business communication with BlackBerry AtHoc, a service allowing you to create templates for efficient communication for critical alerts and responses.

Awareness and education

Phishing, smishing, vishing and pharming – there are a multitude of ways that scammers can get through your defences. Build a culture of security within your business and educate your people about cyber security risks.

Phishing awareness

As security technology gets ever smarter, cybercriminals increasingly rely on human error to find their way through defences. Phishing awareness tests can help your business understand your security awareness level. Your employees receive fake emails trying to get sensitive information, just like real phishing emails. The results show how aware your employees are about cyber threats. They also identify areas for improvement, such as employee training.


A cloud-based human risk management platform that reduces organisational risk by measuring, understanding and improving people’s security decisions and behaviours. Underpinned by SebDB, a comprehensive security behaviour database, CybSafe offers security awareness guidance, training, phishing simulations, behaviour measurement and human risk analytics.

Secure your communications

Your business communications are private. Secure them with solutions that offer everything from high-level encryption to protected identity services.

Blackberry Messenger for Enterprise

Designed to help you meet regulatory compliance standards while handling large volumes of data, BlackBerry Messenger for Enterprise uses end-to-end encryption. Benefit from the speed, simplicity and privacy your security-conscious business needs.

Cryptify Communication Service

A managed app that delivers government-certified end-to-end encryption for mobile communications, calls, conferencing and video. It works on Android, iOS and Windows 10 PC - protecting sensitive information when working remotely.

Why Vodafone for cyber security?

One relationship

We have in-house cyber security teams and work with industry-leading cyber security partners to offer specialised capabilities - integrated into a single relationship.

30 years of experience

Securing networks and protecting businesses for over 30 years, we have the experience to help you make the right cyber security decisions for your business.

Leading connectivity

Over £1bn invested in our UK network. Recognised as a ‘leader’ in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Services for the last three years, we’re working with 70% of the Fortune 500. 

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