Vodafone Mobile Enhanced for business 

Highest level of security for mobile devices from Vodafone Business.

Vodafone Mobile Enhanced 

Get visibility of your corporate devices and network with best-in-class solutions delivered by on-shore specialist teams. Mobile Enhanced provides the insights, intelligence and security you need to safeguard your devices and your organisation against cyberattacks.  

Mobile Enhanced Portfolio 

Cryptify Communication Service

Government-certified end-to-end encryption for calls, conferencing and video. 

Becrypt Paradox Endpoint Management

Protection for your entire estate of endpoint devices – including desktops, laptops and kiosks. 

Becrypt Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Total visibility of your mobile estate, inspecting all MDM network traffic, centralising management and reporting, and remote data wiping. 

Security Enhanced Mobile Service

Secure account management and billing, handled under strictly controlled conditions by our security-cleared team. 

Customer FAQs

Mobile Enhanced is the Vodafone Business Security Enhanced (VBSE) proposition name for a portfolio of secure mobility services. It’s designed for your data sovereignty and high cyber security requirements. 

Like all Vodafone Business Security Enhanced services, Mobile Enhanced is designed for Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) clients – both public and private sectors.  

Mobile Enhanced combines four best-of-breed mobility security solutions: 

Cryptify Communication Service 

A managed app that delivers government-certified end-to-end encryption for all mobile communications including calls, conferencing and video. You can use it on Android, iPhone and Windows 10 PC to protect sensitive communications while working remotely.  


Enhanced Mobile Device Management with Becrypt 

You can gain total visibility of your mobile estate, with unique inspection of all MDM network traffic. Centralised management makes reporting easy, while remote wiping eliminates data risk from lost devices. 

Enhanced Endpoint Management with Becrypt Paradox 

Enhanced Endpoint Management with Becrypt Paradox simplifies and secures the entire endpoint estate – including desktops, laptops and kiosks. You can minimise vulnerability to malware and maximise uptime with automated rollback. 

Security Enhanced Mobile Service 

A secure account management service if you need to protect your identity. Our security-cleared team handles management and billing in strictly controlled conditions. 

VBSE has a specialist mobile security sales development team, as well as solution architects to help you qualify VBSE opportunities and win new business. You can contact us on enhanced@vodafone.com

VBSE services are designed, delivered and managed by VBSE staff. We are all certified, security-cleared professionals and operate from highly secure locations in the UK, using safe systems and processes. 

Why Vodafone for Mobile Enhanced

Approved for high security 

Our team has the experience and cyber security training needed to deliver solutions in the most sensitive and secure environments. 

Global perspective 

We run mobile operations in 24 countries, gaining a global view of the latest advances in technology. 

Specialist threat feeds 

Our whole business depends on mobile security – so our specialists constantly monitor the cyber threat landscape. 

On-shore support 

All our enhanced solutions are managed and monitored by Vodafone UK’s on-shore security-cleared UK nationals.

Talk to our experts

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