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IoT-powered video solutions
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A data-empowered organisation

Instantly leverage visual data and use it to boost your surveillance and protection capabilities, analytics, responsiveness, and business insight.

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Responsible use of

Make visual data work harder for you. Monitor and protect strategically important assets. Connect your teams to improve the productivity and safety of your staff.

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Bespoke setup

Benefit from a consultant-led approach that’s customised to the high security requirements of your organisation.

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Always-on managed

Gain peace of mind with a 24/7 managed service provided by our UK-based security-cleared team who proactively monitor your entire system to help protect against threats.

Our Smart Vision Enhanced solution portfolio

Bodyworn Vision Enhanced

A camera solution is worn on the body to help protect people in the field and empower them with secure live streams and recordings for additional support and connection back to the staff control room.

  • Log information even in chaotic, or confrontational, environments
  • Live stream at the touch of a button in difficult or threatening situations
  • Connect with experts in HQ, for dispute resolution or real-time remote assessment

City Vision Enhanced

A fixed camera solution designed to help you keep staff and strategic assets safe, even in remote spaces and difficult conditions. By adding a layer of intelligence to your existing infrastructure, it enables remote monitoring, optimised staff support and fast responses, and supplies visual data.

  • Get a real-time view of critical situations, with no need to rip and replace existing equipment
  • Give multiple people access to data streams simultaneously
  • Safeguard assets and people in public or private places against theft and vandalism

Vehicle Vision Enhanced

A vehicle camera solution that enables organisations to capture and use valuable footage from vehicles, both stationary and in transit.

  • Collect and analyse footage from vehicles parked or moving at speed for better visibility into field operations
  • Log important information from the road, even on high-speed drives
  • Keep drivers connected to HQ at all times, for support, direction and safety

*Vehicle Vision Enhanced is available on a case by case basis, please get in touch to find out more.

Customer FAQs

What networks does the software work on?

Do I need to host the backend infrastructure?

How does your solution integrate with my existing setup?

How do you tailor the solution to my organisation’s needs?

How do you ensure my setup is safe?

Why Vodafone

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Leader in IoT

We’ve got one of the world’s best offers in IoT Connectivity, and have been recognised in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for IoT Connectivity Services, Worldwide six times.

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Approved for high security with proven expertise

Our VBSE team has the experience and security training needed to deliver IoT and cyber security services to Critical National Infrastructure providers in the most sensitive and secure environments.

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End-to-end managed service

We deliver complete end-to-end IoT solution built to exacting security standards, helping you turn data into real business value.

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On-shore support

All our Enhanced solutions are managed and monitored by Vodafone UK’s on-shore security cleared UK nationals.

Talk to an expert

Give us a call, or speak to your account manager, to find out more information about Vodafone Business Security Enhanced and our portfolio

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