The Future of Smart Working

Get fit for the future with seamless hybrid experiences, intelligent workspaces and better business control.

How to succeed in the future of work

Today, businesses of every shape and size face a challenging outlook.

The unpredictable geopolitical climate is creating uncertainty, while rising costs and supply chain disruptions are forcing businesses to operate with less. Skilled people are in short supply, and they’re often opting for roles that offer hybrid working. But the pros and cons of a hybrid approach are still hotly debated.

How can we tackle these challenges and get fit for the future?

By focusing on three areas, businesses can start to break down their challenges into manageable projects and initiatives.

Enabling seamless hybrid experiences

Empower your people with tools that take the hassle out of collaborating with colleagues and customers – and help maintain the chemistry in your teams.

As your people use different apps and devices to work flexibly and remotely, it’s important to make sure their productivity, collaboration and file sharing tools are secure. With the right tech in place to help everyone work closely together both face to face and remotely, you’ll be better placed to maintain a positive and cohesive company culture, and take care of your people’s welfare, as you embrace hybrid working. Plus, you’ll gain the edge in attracting the best talent.

Creating intelligent workspaces

Many companies are rethinking their workspaces. They’re creating collaborative environments with fast and reliable connectivity designed to inspire and energise teams when they’re on site, so people enjoy a great experience no matter where they work.

Using the latest in automated technology, you can minimise costs while staying ahead of the skills gap. With Vodafone’s cutting-edge innovations, you can take employee engagement to the next level and reap the rewards of a more productive and efficient workforce.

Gaining better business control

As digital technologies play an increasingly pivotal role in the future of work¹, businesses will want to make sure they have a secure digital network, underpinned by resilient connectivity.

They’ll want peace of mind that their digital platforms and networks can withstand shocks and risks like cyber-attacks, to safeguard their reputation. With technology becoming even more critical but also more complex, businesses will increasingly call on external expertise to guide their choices and achieve the biggest impact from their digital investments.

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