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Discover how our business partners create the future 

1. Powering the sports leaders of tomorrow with LLS 

LLS was founded in 2008 by friends Jordan Wright and Joe Mulhearn. They now deliver sports coaching education to young people and prepare students for careers in the sports industry. 

The company has grown quickly over the past decade and its award-winning courses are now delivered to over 1,000 students across the country, and around the world. 

With growing student numbers and a global workforce, Jordan and Joe needed to be in constant contact with each other and ensure parents and students could always get in touch. 

2. Bringing seven decades of eccentric ice cream to a new generation with Santini 

Founded in 1949, Santini is a family-run business known for creating unusual ice cream flavours that go beyond the traditional glass and cone.  

Its new leader, Eduardo Santini wanted to bring fresh ideas into the business, while recognising and protecting the legacy of those who came before. Using our innovative IoT solutions, the organisation has begun transferring complex data in real time, keeping temperature control consistent to deliver a high-quality product every time. 

Working together, we’re making it easier to bring his grandfather’s recipes to a new generation of consumers. 

3.Fighting malnutrition with Sanku 

Two billion people around the world suffer from micronutrient malnutrition. The impact can last a lifetime, manifesting itself through birth defects, child development issues, and blindness. 

Fortified flour offers a practical solution. The challenge lies in helping remote communities maximise the effectiveness of their flour mills. Sanku, a not-for-profit social enterprise, has created the Sanku Dosifier machine, which enables small African flour mills in rural areas to fortify flour with precise amounts of key nutrients during the milling process. 

To be able to monitor remote mills across Tanzania and other East African countries, Sanku needed a reliable and scalable connectivity solution. The company relies on Vodafone IoT solutions to optimise the performance of these next-generation flour mills.  

LLS students

Learning about a career in sport through LLS courses.

75 years serving ice cream

Family-owned ice cream business, Santini, is using data to innovate.

Malnutrition sufferers

Sanku is solving malnutrition with fortified flour and connected mills.

*Best Network for Business

Vodafone Business won the Best Network for Business at the Mobile News Awards 2024. The award was based on a range of criteria including innovation, flexibility and benefits. Vodafone and BT were the award finalists. Visit Mobile News Awards’ website for more details.


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