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If you think upgrading to a smart surveillance system is just about improved security, then think again.

Your security cameras can provide valuable information that can transform your business. Easily access visual data that can increase efficiency, improve health and safety, enhance customer experience and more. You can even see beyond your business premises and monitor remote locations. This lets you gather useful information without the expense of regular field visits or on-site security.

Data visualisations

Collect data and improve efficiency

Sprinkler and fire extinguisher

Improve health and safety

Sprinkler and fire extinguisher

Better customer satisfaction

Why upgrade to a smart security system?


A missed opportunity – life before smart security

Picture this. Julia is the manager of a small local supermarket on a housing estate. The store has a legacy surveillance system, set up to monitor activity on the shop floor and in the store-room.

Julia arrives at work on Monday to discover there’s been a break in during the night. The thieves managed to bypass the alarm and stole a large quantity of valuable meat from the fridges.

Slow, painstaking, unreliable and possibly illegal

After calling the police, Julia has to trawl through hours of footage to find the right time of the break in. However, part of the footage has been lost as the storage disk was full. She then has to wait hours for the police to arrive so she can show them what she does have on the system.

Unfortunately, the thieves are not known to the authorities, and the trail has gone cold. What’s more, the police are concerned that the way she’s storing the footage might be in breach of DPA rules. Julia’s bad day just got worse.

Woman at desk

What if Julia had installed Vodafone Building Surveillance?

Julia has installed Vodafone Building Surveillance at the shop, so her cameras are now connected to a secure cloud server at all times and data is recorded and analysed in real time.

She is at home asleep on Sunday night when the smart surveillance system detects activity in the shop outside business hours. It sends her an alert immediately.

CCTV camera
Security alert on smartphone

Real time alerts, reliable storage and watertight evidence

The footage is stored on our secure cloud system, so Julia is able to view the activity from her smartphone. What’s more, it’s compliant with DPA rules, so she’s able to share it with the police.

Officers in a nearby squad car are able to identify the thieves and apprehend them. The footage, thanks to a timestamped digital watermark, is admissible as evidence. The thieves are arrested and charged.

Better staff satisfaction, happier customers and bigger profits

Julia is very thankful she upgraded to a smart surveillance system. But not just because it has helped catch the thieves. Since opting for Vodafone Building Surveillance her business is booming and better still, her staff are happier too. How?

Well, as all the data from her cameras is now stored digitally in Vodafone’s secure cloud and analysed by our intelligent algorithms, Julia has learned a lot about her customers in the last year. For starters, she knows when the busiest times of day are, and can plan staffing levels and breaks around them.

Customers are happier because they don’t need to queue for their lunchtime baguette, and staff are happier because their breaks are no longer interrupted by unexpected busy periods.

Happy customers
Team celebrating

An unexpected bonus – thanks to Vodafone Smart Camera

Julia has also installed Vodafone Smart Camera to keep an eye on the skips at the back of the shop. There had been a series of raids on them over the last few months, but though she’d been able to provide the police with high-quality footage, they hadn’t found the culprits.

As it turned out, they were the same thieves who had broken into the shop. Thanks to Vodafone Smart Camera’s ability to work without wires and record high-quality footage even at night, the police were able to solve two crimes at once.

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