Smart Vision for business

Streamlined security with Vodafone Business.

React in real time with Smart Vision

Smart Vision delivers live surveillance in the most challenging environments through a range of cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. This provides real-time visibility and improves employee safety, all without substantial network costs.

Smart Vision can help your business with:

Peace of mind

Monitors visibility in supply chains and reduces cost by identifying inefficiencies.

Increased safety

Live surveillance can provide reassurance that processes and tech will keep your people safe in challenging situations.

Greater efficiency

Smart Vision reduces security resource and gives a clear view of any situation as it unfolds, speeding up responsiveness.

Related IoT Solutions

Bodyworn Vision

Front-line operations demand live access to video feeds and our bodyworn cameras can deliver reliable, real-time streaming – wherever the location, whatever the network conditions.

City Vision

Boost passenger safety, detect intrusions and have crowd control with City Vision - delivering high-resolution footage and resilient against cyber threats with end-to-end encryption. 

Smart Vision Enhanced

Smart Vision is a robust IoT security solution, but if you have more bespoke requirements for the management of your solution, or the storage of your data, we also offer Smart Vision Enhanced.

Your data never leaves the UK, and your solution is managed 24/7 by UK-based staff.

Your IoT security solution is run with military-grade technology and processes.

You have access to a secure helpdesk and site visits from experienced cyber security professionals.

Who is Smart Vision for?

These IoT security solutions have been used in some of the most challenging environments, including:

Evidence management

e.g. investigative work

Employee protection

e.g. police services, paramedics

Emergency services

e.g. fire service

Critical environments

e.g. manufacturing businesses

Corporate accountability

e.g. facilities management companies

Monitoring public spaces

e.g. local governments

Lone workers

e.g. construction industry

Vandalism prevention

e.g. retail sector, stadiums

How has Smart Vision helped the O2 Arena?

“The use of facial recognition is proving to be a valuable enhancement to the security and safety of the venue, its guests and staff.”

Paul Williams, Senior Security Manager, The O2 Arena London

“Customers get smart, reliable video surveillance and an extra pair of eyes over events, sites or landmarks.”

Mick Wayman, Head of Business Development, M&A, Vodafone UK

Customer FAQs

No, you’re able to run your Smart Vision camera using standard data SIM without the need for fixed IP addresses.

No, it’ doesn’t. Smart Vision acts as an encoder that you can plug into any existing cameras and infrastructure. The SIM card sits within the encoder.

Smart Vision works on any network from 2G to 4G. The video recording will be compressed to the available bandwidth without affecting quality and can be played back in HD when uncompressed.

Instead of moving data to the cloud, we analyse information at the edge for real-time observation. A unique encoder enables the data to be compressed without losing video quality.

Yes, streaming can be manually switched on by simply pushing a button when needed.

Why Vodafone

The latest technology

Industry-leading technology with flexible plans to ensure the highest levels of security and transparency.

Global IoT provider

Global IoT provider with best-in class solutions and dependable network connectivity, international coverage and dedicated expert support.

All-in-one product

Take advantage of connectivity, hardware and analytics.

Competitive pricing

We offer competitive pricing and a solution that’s scaled to meet with your needs, all from one trusted vendor.

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