Digital Transformation in the Energy Sector

We help energy companies deliver outstanding services with smarter technology for the digital age, creating a better, brighter, and more connected future. 

Supporting the energy sector 

Vodafone Business have a long history in supporting energy companies. In England, Wales and Scotland, we serve: 

of electricity and gas transmission operators 

of electricity distribution operators 

of gas distribution operators

This means we support energy organisations that serve around 22 million customers. 

Business Energy Sector Solutions

We want to help address today’s priorities and challenges by providing support and offering innovative solutions. 
Our cutting-edge capabilities and leading technologies are shaped to meet your requirements and future-proof your company for years to come. 
Learn how our solutions can help support your operations. 

Operational solutions 

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Enterprise solutions 

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Case studies 

See how we’ve delivered success with a wide of range of energy customers. 

Vodafone partnership upgrades Britain’s smart meters 

Learn how our partnership with Data Communications Company will help the UK to achieve its net zero targets within the smart meter system. 

Vodafone storm® keeps customers connected in outages 

Discover how Vodafone storm® is helping UK Power Networks maintain a seamless customer experience, even during supply disruptions or emergencies. 

Creating the energy sector of the future with Centrica 

Centrica’s plant will be the first in the UK to enjoy a secure 5G-ready mobile private network, kick-starting a 5G revolution in energy and utilities. 

Why Vodafone Business 

We have a unique view of the industry, allowing us to understand the unprecedented challenges facing energy providers such as spiralling prices and the increase in fuel poverty. 
We recognise your sustainability challenges too. We work extensively with UK utility companies across water, electricity and gas, harnessing our understanding of your business and regulatory goals. 
We have market leading expertise, experience and constant drive towards innovation. This means we can offer a full range of converged technologies and support the current and future needs of energy companies everywhere. 

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