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Industry expertise: Media and Broadcast

It’s essential for broadcasters and media providers to have the correct solutions in place to navigate the digital media landscape.

The shift to digital impacts not only the media you produce, but how it’s distributed and, crucially, how your audiences consume and pay for it. The pressure is on to adapt to the digital future while still providing content through traditional means.

We already manage the communications needs of some of the UK's most high-profile broadcasters and media providers, both large and small. From improving production processes and employee collaboration to increasing your social media presence and harnessing customer insight, we can simplify your IT communications services, create scalable network and cloud platforms, provide innovative workflow applications and much more.

Tackling media challenges


A shifting digital landscape

The broadcast industry is in the middle of a big shake-up.The shift to digital brings changes to both production and revenue models. New competition in the form of Over-the-Top (OTT) players like Netflix have created a genuine threat to traditional broadcasting schedules that can’t be ignored. And the impact of social media is also growing at an unstoppable pace.


New era of privacy

The changing landscape means gathering insights on new consumer behaviours is critical, but it needs to be balanced against evolving privacy legislation and digital rights management. In such a complex environment, the introduction of advanced connectivity and cloud-based services is essential to rapidly adapt, innovate and collaborate for a new era.


Production and digital distribution

The shift to digital production has reduced the need for physical footage – bringing down production and data transport costs. Legacy systems just can’t compete with the quality and speed of digital production, especially in terms of end-to-end workflows and time to market. But more can and needs to be done to leverage collaboration and drive efficiencies

Multi-platform management

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets is overtaking consumption both in and out of the home, bringing with it opportunities for new kinds of content. But there’s an element of unpredictability that broadcasters haven't faced before, with managing the development of content for multiple new platforms now a big challenge

Content management

Digital content libraries and archives bring new opportunities to generate revenue, with product placement and pre-watch adverts enabling advertising within on-demand channels. But huge data volumes make it a real challenge to retrieve archived data successfully without efficient metadata tagging systems
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Data analytics through social engagement

Social media can bring new customer insight and drive real-time audience engagement through the second screen phenomenon. This has the potential to unlock relevant, location-based advertising, but gathering and processing the relevant information is a complex task – and needs to be balanced with audience expectations

Future of advertising

The new media world is changing quickly and dramatically. Vodafone has carried out research in partnership with MEC to understand this new media consumption.

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