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Small Business Cyber Security Guide

Guidance to better protect SMEs from cyber security threats.


Due to the pandemic, many businesses have had to transition online to continue servicing customers. According to the Federation of Small Businesses, SMEs account for 99.9% of the UK’s 6 million private sector businesses, employing three-fifths of the country’s workforce. Vodafone has recently published a new cyber security report new cybersecurity report that has highlighted how vital it is that SMEs are aware of the increased risks they face from cyber-threats with many still underestimating the risks. The report found:

  • 4 in 10 SMEs (41%) had experienced some form of cyberattack in the previous 12 months, with 20% experiencing six or more attacks
  • 31% said that they had seen an increase in cyberattacks since the UK went into lockdown in March 2020
  • 23% of SMEs, roughly 1.3 million companies, said that an average cyberattack costing £3,230 would destroy the business

In an effort to continue to support small businesses, Vodafone has teamed up with Entrepreneurial Britain to bring you vital support and education on how you can manage the increased risks of cybersecurity in the new world of remote working and online operations.

Listen to the panel conversation with some of the UK’s top cybersecurity experts, including Richard Merrygold, managing consultant & data protection officer at iSTORM and Victoria Guilloit, partner at Privacy Culture. The panel discussion broke down the threats that exist and the steps you can take to better protect your businesses. Let’s work together to become more resilient in 2021.

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Cybersecurity In The New World Of Work

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