How to embrace hybrid working & the ISDN switch off

How your business could join the home-working revolution as a result of the great ISDN switch off.

A startling 60% of workers – and 76% of Gen Z – are looking to move jobs in the next year. And after money, the most common reason is a lack of flexible hours or hybrid work options. What’s more, a third of UK office workers say they would quit if they had to return to the office full-time.

It’s therefore safe to assume that in order to keep hold of valued employees, businesses should – where possible – look to offer hybrid working and have the tech in place to make sure it works.

The productivity debate also means that businesses are looking hard at their operations and are searching for potential efficiencies. Moving from a reactive to a proactive approach and building the next iteration of effective working environments for the hybrid working era could, therefore, pay dividends.

Who already supports remote working?

According to research, the marketing and media industries are two of the most remote-working-friendly sectors. Not far behind are IT, design, advertising, law and finance.

Other industries that could benefit from the shift

As it stands, the following industries are some of the least friendly when it comes to remote working:

- Utilities and energy (with 5.86% and 5.61% of roles listed as remote)
- Sales (7.38)
- Tourism (5.56%)
- Charity (5.21%)
- Real estate and property (4.38%)
- Administration and logistics (2.67% and (2.05%)

But these are also areas that – with the right tech and support in place – could offer hybrid positions.

How can it be done?

It’s possible to empower your business and your people with tools that take the hassle out of collaborating with colleagues and customers. These can also help maintain the chemistry in your teams.

If your people use different apps and devices to work flexibly and remotely, it’s important to make sure their productivity, collaboration and file sharing tools are secure.

With the right tech in place to help teams better collaborate, you’ll be better placed to maintain a positive and cohesive company culture, and to take care of your people’s welfare. Plus, you’ll gain the edge in attracting the best talent.

By focusing on improving your collaboration tools, cyber security readiness and company culture, you can evolve your business in step with changing employee expectations – and it’s easier and more affordable than you might think.

The Great Switch Off – what you need to know

From January 2027, BT Openreach is closing down all ISDN lines – which will basically mean an end to landlines in the UK and the lines most commonly used to make phone calls across the world.

It’s happening as part of a move to shut down the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) – which ISDN is a part of – because it’s become outdated and been overtaken by newer technologies, such as fibre broadband.

The ISDN switch off and subsequent shift to a fully digital network will enable improved video conferencing, file sharing and cloud-based working . This means that it will empower remote and hybrid workforces to communicate and collaborate more efficiently and effectively.

There are several great partners out there who can support with your migration. Be sure to research your options and look for a company who can help make this process a smooth and successful one – readying your business for the future.

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