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Password Managers For Business

Discover 5 great password managers on the market and learn how they use the latest technology to protect the security, privacy, and reputation of your business.


“Your password is incorrect. Please try again.”
We’ve all been there. It’s frustrating, time-consuming, and just plain annoying. Requirements for passwords are becoming increasingly complex. Capital letters, special characters, 10 letters or more, no consecutive numbers. It’s no surprise that they’re forgotten now and again. It’s not just about the inconvenience of resetting and remembering a new password. Poor password security is one of the easiest ways hackers and cybercriminals gain access to your data . A great way to keep your password as secure as possible and to make sure you’re following security policies is with a password manager.

The Importance of Password Protection

Password managers are extremely important for keeping passwords safe and secure. You can save time and bring your security policies up to date without having to remember each password individually. It’s likely you already have security systems to protect your physical assets, but it’s protecting the digital assets that’s often not seen as a priority.
Your passwords are the digital key to a lot of private data, so if someone were to get their hands on them, their job is already half done. If you’re guilty of using the same password for multiple accounts or devices, or writing down passwords in your notes app or the back of your notepad, don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s tempting to create passwords that are easy to remember, but that also makes them easy to hack, so a password manager could be the perfect password security solution. The right password manager will improve your overall security and help you stay safe online. You can access every password you need from one safe place. 

5 Great Password Managers

You can remove the hassle of remembering multiple passwords whilst following security policies with a password manager. If you’re new to password managers, it can be tough to know which one to go for. Here are 5 password management options so you can find the best way to manage and save passwords for your small business.
1.1 Password
1 Password offers a selection of plans from smaller teams of up to 10 to large enterprises. You only need to remember one account password which protects your other passwords and sensitive information.  It’s an easy-to-use platform that works across all devices with 24/7 customer support so they’re there when you need them.
Why we like it:
  • You can schedule a demo to see how it works or try it free for 14 days
  • The shared password feature saves time
  • It automatically notifies you of weak or duplicated passwords through password monitoring 
Dashlane makes it simple to securely manage passwords across your entire organisation. They have a patented zero-knowledge architecture which means not even they see your data. Dashlane also provides alerts if your private information is shared anywhere online and allows you to share your passwords without revealing them.
Why we like it:
  • Live dark web monitoring checks that your data isn’t shared anywhere it shouldn't be
  • Includes a VPN with unlimited data
  • Unlimited password storage
NordVPN is a big name in the internet security industry and they’ve taken their expertise and branched out into password management. NordPass is one of the most well-known password managers. Advanced encryption ensures that your data is safe and protected at every access point. The advanced password generator makes it easy to choose a secure password and you can save time with the auto-fill feature. All you need to do is save your password once, and then it’s instantly available across your devices.
Why we like it:
  • Excellent customer support
  • You can find out if your data has been breached with real-time notifications
  • There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it out risk-free
4.Keeper Security
Keeper Security is great for mid-sized businesses and gives administrators the ability to fine-tune their data and password security through role-based access, so everyone only sees what they need to see. It operates a zero-trust and zero-knowledge environment, and user activity can be easily tracked from any location.
Why we like it:
  • It takes just a few minutes to set up across all devices
  • Businesses can set up password security policies to ensure passwords meet security policy requirements
  • You can create shared team folders and remove, modify, or restrict access easily
5.Zoho Vault
Zoho Vault offers a flexible plan so it’s useful for smaller businesses. It can handle multiple logins and is accessible across all browsers and platforms. It’s an affordable option that’s easy to use and has great modern security features like offline access which allows you to see the vault and download all your Zoho Vault data without the need for a wifi connection. 
Why we like it:
  • The smart password generator is a handy tool that automatically generates the most secure passwords (no pets names in sight)
  • Integrates seamlessly with other Zoho platforms and other third-party services including Google Drive, Office 365, and One Drive
  • The advanced password-sharing system allows users to request access to folders or place expiry dates on access
For businesses, it’s all about smart security. Passwords are the gateway to limitless access to your company’s private information and data so protecting them is essential. A password manager will simplify everything and should keep your employees’ passwords safe, secure, and out of reach.

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