Vodafone's V-Hub helps over million SMEs enhance digital skills

Vodafone Business celebrates V-Hub’s third birthday and helping over one million SME visitors to our service.

July 2023 sees V-Hub celebrate two major milestones; Vodafone’s V-Hub service was created during lockdown as a way of helping small and medium businesses thrive in the digital world. This July we celebrate three years of helping SMEs digitally upskill in addition to celebrating over one million visits to our service!

We are so proud to be helping SMEs improve the digital capabilities thanks to our completely free services, which include tools, training, insights and a business helpline. Our Knowledge Centre is regularly updated with business insights on a huge range of subjects, while our business.connected programme, in partnership with Enterprise Nation, provides workshops, webinars and e-learning on everything from staying safe online to digital marketing key skills. Small and medium sized businesses can also make use of our free business support helpline, where our dedicated team of expert advisers are on hand to support and guide businesses with the issues that matter to them.

To date, our most popular V-Hub articles are Tips for Businesses During the Cost-of-Living Crisis, Steps to Digitally Transform your Business and Most Common Security Threats, with businesses based in Birmingham, Kent, London, Manchester, and West Berkshire the most prevalent visitors to our service.

V-Hub and business.connected form part of Vodafone’s everyone.connected initiative, which aims to help 4million people cross the digital divide by 2025.

Vodafone Business Ambassador and The Diary of A CEO Podcast host Steven Bartlett said: “Without guidance and support I would not be where I am today. What I love about Vodafone’s free V-Hub service is that it gives you access to resources, workshops and webinars and you can speak to a team for 1:1 guidance – it’s pretty incredible. A huge congratulations to the Vodafone V-Hub team on hitting the 1 million milestone and happy 3rd birthday – keep doing what you’re doing!”

Nick Gliddon, UK Business Director, Vodafone said: “I am really pleased that we are marking the milestones of V-Hub 3rd birthday and it helping 1 million business in the UK. Vodafone has a central belief that UK businesses should be supported to ensure they have the right technology and the right skills to fully enjoy the benefits of a digital economy. That over a million SMEs across the UK have used V-Hub to upskill their digital capabilities, take personal 121 advice or just use the knowledge centre for advice on security and cost of living shows how valuable and needed this service is. I would also like to thank our partner Enterprise Nation for all their commitment, passion and advice in making this happen.”

Discover how V-Hub can help your business achieve its full digital potential for starting and growing a business. Click here to access the V-Hub Knowledge Centre, as well as free support from expert business V-Hub advisers. This one-to-one digital support from a business V-Hub adviser can cover a range of topics from how to build an online presence to managing online security risks and so much more. Call 0808 005 7400 or visit here.

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