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Are you looking to clear out old devices from your office or across your business? If so, you can donate to our Great British Tech Appeal and give them a new lease of life, doing good for people and the planet.

We’ll work with our charity partners, Good Things Foundation and Barnardo’s, to make sure that every reusable device will go to someone in need, along with 6 months free data, calls and texts. Any devices that can’t be reused will be recycled.

By donating your old tech, you’re not only reducing waste and supporting a circular economy – your business will also be helping people in need cross the digital divide. These devices are a vital lifeline, making sure people can keep in touch with family, friends and support workers, as well as access healthcare and education.

How it works

Donating 10 or more devices:


Fill out the donation form


Good Things Foundation will arrange to collect your donation for free.


Reconome, an accredited refurbishment organisation, will wipe the devices and you’ll receive a certification of wiping.


Your old devices will be gifted to people in need through Barnardo's and Good Things Foundation.

Donating less than 10 devices:

Drop your devices off at any Vodafone store. Alternatively, complete this form and we’ll send you a free postage label.

Some businesses may be concerned about donating their old technology. A report published by Good Things Foundation with the Circular Electronics Partnership (CEP) and Deloitte, demonstrates insights on how to overcome barriers to donating devices. They found that the main concerns for businesses donating tech were data security, the challenge of end-to-end logistics and awareness of opportunities. However, the Great British Tech Appeal supporting the National Device Bank demonstrates how working together, we can enable businesses to take action and help to bridge the digital divide.


How does The Great British Tech Appeal work?

What devices can be donated and what condition do they need to be in?

Should the charger or other accessories be donated as well?

What if some of my data remains on my donated device? Can donated devices be returned?

How will donated devices get to those in need?

What will you do with the personal information I've provided in the online form?

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