The Great British Tech Appeal

Donate your old tech to help protect the planet and change lives. 

Help people in need and support a circular economy 

Are you looking to clear out old devices from your office or across your business? If so, you can donate to our Great British Tech Appeal and give them a new lease of life, doing good for people and the planet.

We work with our charity partners, Good Things Foundation and Barnardo’s, to make sure that every reusable device will go to someone in need, along with six months free data, calls and texts. Any devices that can’t be reused will be recycled.

By donating your old tech, you’re not only reducing waste and supporting a circular economy – your business will also be helping people in need cross the digital divide. These devices are a vital lifeline, making sure people can keep in touch with family, friends and support workers, as well as access healthcare and education.

How it works

Donating 10 or more devices:


Fill out the donation form


Good Things Foundation will arrange to collect your donation for free.


Reconome, an accredited refurbishment organisation, will wipe the devices and you’ll receive a certification of wiping.


Your old devices will be gifted to people in need through Barnardo's and Good Things Foundation.

Donating less than 10 devices:

Drop your devices off at any Vodafone store. Alternatively, complete this form and we’ll send you a free postage label.

Our charity partners

Barnardo’s is one of the leading children’s charities in the UK. Every year, they provide ongoing support for over 380,000 children, young people, parents and carers, through their services and partnerships. Your devices can help those people to thrive in a digital world.
Good Things Foundation want to fix the digital divide for good. Their vision is a world where everyone benefits from digital. Your devices will contribute to the National Device Bank, helping those who can't afford or access their own devices to access technology - benefiting both people and the planet.


We collect used laptops, smartphones and tablets that are donated with the help of our chosen charity partners.

People receiving a device will benefit from free UK calls, texts, and 40GB data each month for a total of six months, after which they can choose to stay with us as a customer or join another network.

The Great British Tech Appeal is different from Vodafone Trade In, where you can trade in your old device for money or other benefits. The Great British Tech Appeal relies on device donations, which means you won't receive any money in return.

The Great British Tech Appeal is looking for any laptop, smartphone or tablet that's in working condition. Please take extra care to remove any SIM cards or memory cards before donating your device.

Reconome operate a strict zero waste to landfill policy. If any of your donated devices are either uneconomical to repair or are too obsolete to be reused, an effort will be made to harvest any useful parts before the equipment is retired and sustainably recycled.

If you have specific chargers, cables or power supplies for the devices you’re donating, please include them so they can be PAT tested and potentially reused if they're still in working condition.

Reconome, an accredited refurbishment organisation, will wipe the devices and donors will receive a certification.

The Great British Tech Appeal relies on the generosity of individuals donating their used devices, and all donated devices are non-returnable.

Vodafone will allocate donated devices to its chosen charity partners who will then allocate to individuals they have identified as most in need. We’ll distribute the donated devices across our charity partners’ networks.

Any personal information collected will be processed under GDPR and Good Things Foundation Privacy Policy

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